Thursday, July 12, 2007

my TOES!

Oh, oooooooooh; the pain, the PAIN! I can't stand it! This is my foot. Do you see anything different about it? Like how my two middle toes are BRIGHT RED and SWOLLEN?

Yes, my friends. There was a tragedy in our house last night. Massah came home from work last night and then immediately left again. She put me in jail, as usual. Well, somehow I shredded the towel that was in my jail, and some of the threads got wrapped around the two middle toes on my back right foot!

When Massah got back - THREE HOURS LATER - I was crying and crying because the threads were cutting off the circulation on my toes and I couldn't feel them any more and I couldn't put any weight on them and I was shaking because it hurt so bad and I wouldn't let Massah put me down!

Massah had to perform a delicate operation to cut it off my foot. I was so scared!

That is the blanket that I tore up, and next to it is the cluster of threads that were trying to cut off my toes. Please don't ever leave me alone again, Massah!

Note from Massah: I feel SOOOO bad! Holy CRAP this little boy was freaked out! As was I, when I saw what was wrong! The emergency vet said his toes would be bruised for a couple days, and even if they were broken they really couldn't do anything. She said I could give him some baby asprin for the pain, but it would most likely upset his stomach. So that was out of the question, since I think we all know what happens when his pancreas gets upset. I have learned a couple things - first, don't put anything in the crates unless it is specifically made for DOGS (special blankets that can't be shredded) and secondly, this is what happens when I try to have a life and do something other than take care of my dogs. Talk about GUILT! Never again will I go to a movie after work! ;-) My poor little naked Chinese man... he made sure his neck was pressed up against my nose and mouth for a couple hours. I'm not sure why that is comforting to him, but okay....

I'm going to be okay, but I'm sure enjoying all this extra attention. I'm going to try my luck and see if I can't get some extra mumpkin tonight for dinner!


Nanook and Pooka the Newfoundlands said...

Ohmydog what happened??? Did you get bitten by something? Did the shooter come back and shoot you???

Oh wow!

(p.s. we're having a contest. if you feel up to it.

Ruby Bleu said...

OMdOG Tad...are you really ok? How horrible. But you need to cut Massah some slack, she feels real guilty about this, I can tell. Feel better soon and I'll figure out a way to send Tree2 to you, ok?

Lots of Licks, Ruby

wally said...

Awwwwww! Poor Tad! Isn't it amazing how such seemingly mundane little things can become deadly weapons in the presence of a dog?

My ma ape has had similar guilt pangs. Maybe this story will cheer your ma ape up. Before they adopted me, the apes had RATS in their house (ewww!) and they had gotten rid of them but had left a glue trap out in the basement. Well, I had been at their house for a couple of days and decided to see what was down all those stairs. My ma ape came home to find the other dog shaking and frantic at the door waiting for her and to cries of ME in the kitchen. I had gone down the stairs and had gotten my front paws caught in the trap. I made it up the stairs with the trap on my feet but was now on my back on the slippery kitchen linoleum flopping around like a cockroach.

No matter what you do, apes, we will find ways to make you feel guilty!

I hope your toesies feel better soon! Can you walk today? Once my sissy hurt her foot (similar pinching thing) and icing it seemed to help.


Sparky said...

Poor Tad! I hope your little pink toes heel fast.

Frasypoo said...

That was bad....Those threads are tiny but they can hurt!!
Hope you feel better!! Your poor Massah feels sad....

hershey the doglet said...

wow! poor tad! that was kinda random that a towel attacked you! my mom's first dachsie burrowed into a robe's arm once and couldn't get out! she was like a dachsie in a sausage casing! it was really funny but holly was not laughing!

Peanut said...

Oh poor Tad. I am glad your toes are okay and only bruised. I think Massah should feel guilty. How could she just leave you like that? Hmph.

Note from Peanut's mom: Don't feel to guilty accidents happen and he's going to be fine

Oscar Airedale said...

Owie, poor tootsies! Maybe Massah can get you a fleece? That's what I have, and if it can stand up to a big terrier like me it should be good for a little naked chinese man!

Oscar x

coco said...

NOOOOOOOOOO! taddy-wags must not have pain!!!! oh me and mommy are near tears over this horrible accident. poor massah shouldn't feel guilty, but mommy would too. there's nothing sadder than a hurts little baby doggin.

get well soon precious tad!!!

cuzzin kissies, coco

coco said...

p.s. *GASP* tad, do you think massah's enemies found out about your investigations and gave your massah that tricksy blankie to slow you down? she obviously fell for their LIES that it was a good blankie.

please, please be careful, sleuthie tads.

worried, coco

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow Tad. I am sorry about your cute little foot. I hope it gets better soon. Mom and Dad once came home to find me standing at the back door with the air vent attached to my collar. They were so upset. I was ok, never laid on the air vent ever again. My mom's best friend's dachshund one night climbed in bed and chewed a hole in the bed sheet then stuck her head through the hole. She cried and cried until her mom woke up and saved her.


The Airechicks said...


Make Massah kiss the boo boo bye bye...

Hope you feel better ...Maybe you need some ice cream or at least some really good treats...

MJ's doghouse said...

EXTRA PUMPKIN TADPOLE...EXTRA PUMPKIN...DUDE...YOU deserve way more than that...maybe some ice poor little chinese booger....i feel so sad for your swollen feet...your mommy is lucky it didnt fall off...oh the shame...I just want you to know Tadpole...if your toes did fall of..i would still love you are one beautiful little man

Asta said...

Oh my sweet Tadpole..I'm devestated, can I come ovew with some mumpkin for you and give you healing smoochie kisses?
That must have been the scawwiest be twapped with evil blanket
do you think this is pawt of the muwdewous scheme?????we better find the puwpuwtwaitows vewy soon, befowe any mowe disastews happen
smoochie kisses

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Owie Tadp! I pawscribe lots of cookies!

Bussie Kissies

Tasha & Eva said...

Poor little Tadpole! Don't make Massah feel too bad. She loves you very much and doesn't want you to be in pain. Sometimes us pups do things we shouldn't and don't even know it. Hope your paw is better really soon. Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva

Seadra & Zoe said...

Poor Tadpole....We feel so bad that you got a boo boo. I think that deserves some frosty paws to take your mind off of it.

We know that Massah is taking good care of you.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Ferndoggle said...

TADPOLE!!! My poor little BFF!!!!! And your poor little toes!!! I hope & hope they are OK and know Massah will make them feel all better. You were probably so scared.

BFF story. Mom once came home to Sherman struggling on the floor because his ID tags got stuck on loops in the carpet. He was flopping around & around and his eyes were bugged out of his head and he was panting very hard. She doesn't think he was like that long b/c he probably would have choked himself to death. But she cut him free & he's never worn a collar when home alone since.

Live & learn. Even the best humans make mistakes.


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Tad,
I hope your toes are feeling better now. I like shredding towels a lot too, I guess I better be a little more careful in future.
PS : Tell Massah to take it easy. Sh*t happens all the time. :)

JustMeCopper said...

Tad, go check out what a blanke did to me one day.

It was awful. Mother learned her lesson. Massah, don't feel bad, it was an accident. Is your name Massah, by the way?

The Brat Pack said...

OMDog, how scary!! We're glad you're ok, but we would have totally freaked out!!!

The Brat Pack

PS You didn't fake this so she'd never leave you again did ya??? ;)

Stanley said...


Whoa! I'm suffering with you just looking at your toes. But you know, toes are very resilient things. I bet your vet is right, and your paw will be good as new soon. Anything I can do to help with you pain, buddy?

I just have to tell you, that full-body photo shot of you from your toes to your head cracked my girl up something fierce!! (Who took that shot anyway?) She thought it was oddly artistic and had a great angle that captured some of your best features. (*major eyeroll*)

Goober love & AireZen to your toes,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh no poor Tadpole. I hope you're feeling better now.. You must be really scared

~ girl girl


Oh no Tadpole your poor toesies!
You tell Massah to give you lots of treats and carry you around lots so your toe will get better. Were sure Massah didn't mean for this to happen as she seemed very upset too.

Woofs, Casper

Joe Stains said...

tad you need a cell phone in your cage! then you can just call and be like MASSAH my toes are about fall off get home you jerk!!

Ume said...

oh no Tad!!! it muz have been a horrible experience for u!
send me the nasty towel, n i'll shred it into a million pcs for u!
hope your toe is getting better!

Ricky Pepper said...


oh no your poor little tootsies! that evil towel should be punished severely. i think Massah feels very bad for you and will try to make sure that doesn't happen to you again! perhaps you can get a massage to make you feel better?


Lady Kaos said...

OH NO TAD! I hope it feels better soon! You definately have milk the guilt. When Mom's are guilty for hurting their babies, you can get them to do almost anything!

Toby said...

OMG Tad!! I'm so sorry to hear about what happened. That must have been so scary. We're crossing our fingers and paws that your toes feel better soon.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Tad.
Sure it was a traumatic experience for you!! I am so sad you got hurt! I am sending you good vibes to make you feel better!
But tell your Massah it wasn't her fault. Accidents happen sometimes.
Kisses and hugs.

Balboa & Mommy said...

OH NO, Tad, you poor thing. I bet you were so scared, I bet Massah feels really guilty. But Massah is kinda your HERO for performing "surgery" and making you feel better.

Frenchie Snorts