Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day - I hope everyone says "thank you" to a vet today (the NICE kind of vet, not the nasty ones who steal your blood). We had a moment of silence for those who have served our country today, and we were all very good (Massah was shocked). And although this day is to remeber those who have lost their lives for our freedom, we also want to send a very special thank you to Massah's cousin who served, and also to Peanut and Flash's dad, who is currently overseas and not able to spend this Memorial day with his family - you're in our prayers!

What did we do to celebrate?! There are no words to describe it, so I'll show you in pictures!

Thank God I've kept my pancrease happy these last few months so I could enjoy this!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

this is how it's supposed to be

I know some of you say that sitting and sleeping on TOP of chairs and sofas is the way to go, but I don't like it personally. I have been known to fall off things, and I don't like taking that risk again. THIS is how I sleep.

(under the covers in bed)

(under the covers on my girl)

(under the covers on the chair)

(under the covers with Mean Sister Fig)

(in forts I build under the covers)

See any similarities?! I like to sleep UNDER THE COVERS!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

can you believe this?!

This is how I have to live! Every day!!!

She won't put the blanket on the chair like she's supposed to, so I have to climb UP on the BACK of the chair to sleep.

I think I shall be forced to call the ASPCA.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

just little ole me

Howdy-ho, my friends! Nothing's really happening, but since I've updated more frequently than usual for the past week or so I wanted to update again today to keep up some semblance of regularity. I did meet a new friend through little Miss Paris Rain - Stanislaw! He eats raw meat (hence the name of his blog, the bragger) and that makes me somewhat jealous, but he also loves baby carrots... so I can't help but admire him. He also reminds me of Sadie (for those who remember her) and he has a sibling he likes to annoy, so we're cool. And now for some closing pictures of me taken this morning as I was trying to wake up Massah-in-law (please notice the angelic glow about me in some of them - I don't know why she was annoyed)!

Friday, May 9, 2008


This stuffie was part of Massah's peace offering, back from when she was GONE during my birthday celebrations. The only reason it is still alive today is because she doesn't let us play with it very much. But in honor of stuffie appreciation day....

Listen to me SQUEAK!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mary Jane Potter's Momma, this is for YOU!

What?! MJ's Mom is sad?

I hope these make you SMILE!

Hope the corners of your mouth are lifted!

Monday, May 5, 2008

what you all've been waiting for

I once again apologize for my lack of blogging. And once again it's Massah's fault. But I can't be too mad at her... she's a counselor at a maximum security prison, so I suppose it's stressful. And she says that when she's stressed she can't sit and take down my dictation, and since the whole lack of opposable thumbs thing, I'm left bereft.

Unfortunately I have a VERY short attention span and don't specifically remember what my press conference was supposed to be about. However, I DO remember that I was called upon to apologize for my behavior. So in order to cover all my bases, here we go:

I'm sorry for
* making poo in the house
* eating said poo so you didn't know I made poo in the house
* taking undergarments out of the drawer on a daily basis
* strewing aforementioned undergarments around the house
* stealing Mean Sister Fig's food when no one's watching
* pretending I don't understand English except for the words "food" and "treat"
* biting Mean Sister Fig (okay okay, it happened and I'm sorry)
* making big-boy pee-pee on the rocking chair
* screaming at the top of my lungs at 2:00am and causing massive heart attacks throughout the building
* making more poo in the house
* scrounging around in dirty clothes until I find chap-stick in the pockets and then eating it
* sleeping in Mean Sister Fig's spot so that she gets annoyed and angry
* eating styrofoam cups
* sticking my tongue up Massah's nose at ungodly hours in the morning
* never once obeying an order in my entire life
* taking all my toys into Leah's room so that she steps on them and yells

Well that was cathartic. Hope everyone's having a good day; Massah stayed home from work today and I'm hoping we'll get to go for another walk around the lakes. We went for one earlier and I met another Crestie! His name is Sidney Bean and he's my age and he's half Shit-Zhu but he's naked like me except he has very dark skin and brown hair and we like each other and maybe we'll have a play date some time! I'm thinking I should confess my sins more regularly and Massah should stay home from work every day and then everyone would be happy all the time!!!