Monday, March 12, 2007

weekend random-ness

I had a GREAT weekend! We went and visited Grammy, since we hadn't seen her in a very long time. The people played a game. (I don't know why the lady in back is angry....) For those interested, Massah is the one on the right.

And Massah-in-law was there too. I love her. Please note that she took this picture of herself and did not delete it from the camera, and therefore cannot complain about me posting it here.

I noticed all kinds of food up there on the table, so I spent a lot of time scrounging around looking for some droppings.... I didn't find many, for which Massah was happy, because of my "weak stomach." Poo!

Then everyone decided to hold me and Massah-in-law tried to eat me.

Occasinally she rather frightens me.

But I had fun because I got to spend time with Grammy and Mean Sister Fig wasn't allowed to come! I had her all to myself!

When she heard that evil, mean people said that I was a "NUISANCE ANIMAL" she was very concerned.

She is worried about me (and Massah's finances).

But I don't like to worry, so I checked out the game instead.

And look what I found - it's my name!!

Then I was tired so I went to sleep in Massah-in-law's armpit. I like doing that.
And I slept on Grammy's lap too.
Even though I may LOOK uncomfortable, I'm not. I'm saying, "Life can't get better than this."
When we got home, I immediately went into the closet and peed on Massah sweater, then went straight to bed with P.A. Massah wasn't very happy about the peeing-on-the-sweater part, but that's okay. She's already forgiven me.


Joe Stains said...

wow, that looks fun! especially the peeing part!!!

Sophie Brador said...

Peeing on Massah's sweater? Oh Tadpole. Why would you want to do that. Just to make sure that she is YOUR Massah and no other doggie's?

Your granny and Massah-in-law look like they love you very much, but that unhappy woman in the background doesn't look like much fun. Maybe you should have peed on her sweater. Oops ... that's mean. I didn't really say that.

Love everyone Tadpole!

Peanut said...

Oh how much fun you had. I have a grammy to except mine spells it grammie and I don't get to visit her because she lives all the way in Oregon. You are one lucky dog.

MJ's doghouse said...

i JUST READ yours and your brothers are both very mom likes your hair do. I dont think you should pee on your mommys sweater though...not a good way to get any treats....

Leah said...

i wasn't trying to eat you! i was trying to get a picture of you licking the inside of my mouth. (i'm not sure why i was wanting to do that... it seemed funny at the time...)

thanks for posting those LOVELY pictures of me. but i guess i shouldn't complain, because i take great joy in laughing at terrible pictures of you! ha!

Tadpole said...

Joe - yes! Peeing inside is fun!

Sophie - sometimes I just get the urge to pee on things. Massah hopes I'll outgrow it and become "fully housebroken" at some point... but I like it too much to give it up.

Peanut - I love my Grammy! (ps - I linked to your blog, hope it's okay)

MJ - thanks for reading! I just got a haircut; I'll have to post pictures. :-) Hmm... I'll have to think about the no-treats problem. I DID notice that....

Leah - I LOVE YOU! Even when you eat me!

MJ's doghouse said...

Hi Tadpole..thanks for coming to visit my blog...I thnk you are very pretty..i like your long flowing momm and i would like to know if your mommy could post a picture of you as a tiny puppy.....have a good day Tadpole

Ike's life said...

Wow - I would have bit the face ... you are a very nice dog!

Tadpole said...

Hi MJ! Sorry, but I don't have a picture of me as a pup. I just found Massah a few months ago, and I looked the same as I do now. :-) I'll have to post about how we found each other....

Ike - I know she's crazy, but she won't ever hurt me so I'm okay with it. I just give her weird looks. It's kinda like it Nate were your dad - you'd get used to the bizarre things the do to you.

Anonymous said...

Tad, I love the pictures of us together, and I am so glad you came to see Grammy all by yourself! I do love Fig, too, as I took care of a Boston Terrier when I was a teen she is special to me. Come sit on my lap again. I love it.