Friday, March 23, 2007

two things....

I have two things to talk about today. The first topic I will simply introduce, ask for your help, and leave for another day. The second is something that I'm very concerned about. But first things first: the beautiful Sophie brought up a point that has made me do some serious thinking. She asked if I was sure I was a DOG and not a CAT because I like to curl up. *gasp* I could be a CAT?!?! How do I know?!?! This is where I'm asking for help. I've Googled for information, but nothing helpful came up when I typed in "am I a dog or a cat?" and I'm kinda stuck. Seems like not too many people have this problem, and therefore there is not a lot of information out there on this topic. Go figure. So if you have any helpful tips or questions I should ask myself, please let me know. This is scary, not knowing what you are! And lots of dogs don't like cats, so if I turn out to be a cat I don't want everyone here to hate me! How can I tell?

The second this is more important, though. My Mean Sister Fig was sick last night. She had a seizure. It was very scary - especially for Massah - because she's never had one before in all her 5 years. She's going to the vet this afternoon, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. They'll do some bloodwork and hopefully we'll get some good news. I'm worried about her. She felt really bad after it was over and just laid around and licked Massah over and over again. I hope they give her some medicine that will make her feel good enough to play with me again! I don't want her to be sick. I love her. We play with Mr. Hog E. Hoggerton together and it's my favorite.

She may look aloof and uninterested and yes, she is sometimes mean, but I know she loves me too. I hope nothing is wrong. She's my bestest friend in the whole world.


Sparky said...

Well, I think you curl up because you have no fur! You must be very cold all the time! You can also ask your vet-person...they would absolutely know for sure. I know I am a dog because I bark - but I now your voice is different, because you've told us. Hey - maybe you are a cat. If you are, don't worry! I'll still be your friend! I like all animals...especially the funny looking ones. :)

I will send lots of good puppy thoughts for your sister!

Peanut said...

I am sure you are a dog. We have cats and they don't curl up but Flash does and he is a dog. Oh I hope Fig is okay. My mom says they had a dog who had seizures when she was young and he did find with medication. Hopefully it isn't anything to serious.

Billy said...

Little Tadpole,

I hope Fig is okay? Please let us know what is happening, we do worry about things like this.

You look all nice and comfy all curled up like that. I curl up too and my nose is right in my tail you can hardly see my face!

As long as you are comfy that is the main thing:)

Lots of hugs and love go out to Fig and to you too :)

Billy Boo and mom:)

Jasper said...

With that sweet nose...there is NO WAY you are a cat! You are all dog!!!
We are praying for and thinking of Fig...wish the very best.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured, you are a dog Fig! Cats are kind of sneaky, and sneaky you are not! Shows how much you love Figgy that you are so concerned for her. Cats would never do that! Hope your big sister gets good news today!

...sweet saidie... said...

You guys sure are cute together!

My mom had a pug that had seizures and it was very scary. I hope Fig is feeling better. I'm sure that you are giving her lots of licks and stuff.

♥ Saidie

Ike's life said...

Ok, so here's the deal ... Is your thingie on your belly or by your b-hole? If it's on your belly, you're A DOG!

Ike' mom here: I had a Boston that had seizures as well. I highly recommend having a CT scan done on her. It's expensive, but it will give you peace of mind that it's not a brain tumor. I waited forever to do the scan and worried for months.

Tasha & Eva said...

We sure hope that everything is OK with Fig. Its scary not knowing whats wrong with a member of your pack. We are sure you're not a cat cuz cats are snooty and stand-offish and you aren't like that at all. Give Fig a big sloppy kiss from us!

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

Oh no! Could the seizure be because of the pet food recall? Do you guys eat that bad food?

As for you being a cat - no way. I TOO like to curl up when I nap, and I'm definitely not a cat. I am 100% certain of that. And if I WAS a cat, I'd be a lion because I am so big and regal and handsome. But I'm not a cat. I could, maybe, be a bear though. The jury is still out on that one. But this is supposed to be about you, and I say no way mate, you are a DOG!

e said...

Nice to meet ya! My name is Fei and I am a Singapore special (street dog). I was once a stray pup but was rescued and then moved to Japan with my doting parents, Eve and Caz. Caz is the one with a hair belly just like me.

People ask if I am a deer sometimes or a seal because I like curling up like you.

I am not so sure.

I am sorry to hear about your sister, fig. I will come back to hear good news.
You are a pretty dog.

Fei and Eve (the human)

Joe Stains said...

awwe we hope that everything is fine with fig. :(

Sophie Brador said...

Hi Tad, I curl up too! But my people still think I'm part cat because I'm not very cuddly. But then when I see cats, I try to pick them up by the head so I'm pretty sure I'm a dog. I thought maybe you were a cat because you like to curl up UNDER the covers. I hate under the covers so you must be a cat. Oh, boy. I'm so confused. Maybe you're a dog and I'm a cat.

I wonder if Fig has epilepsy. Poor little girl. I know lots of dogs who have it and they are all happy and healthy beasties. I hope you get positive news from the vet. You better give Fig some extra loving and some extra time on the ottoman.