Wednesday, March 28, 2007

it's official:

As I mentioned yesterday, I've tried TWICE to post about my cat or dog findings, but Blogger keeps eating them. It evidently doesn't want me to talk a lot about it, so I'll keep this short and sweet so it'll let me post my findings. Everyone had great tips, and I followed up on each one. Sparky had a pretty fool-proof plan - he suggested asking my vet'anrin. Since Fig was going there anyway, I had her look in my chart. She told me that my chart said, "Malnourished Rodent. Suffering from Albinoism. Also shows pervasive balding, caused by unknown and abnormal skin condition."

That is why I call her Mean Sister Fig.

But Ike had the best idea - he said if my pee-er (or "thingie") is on my belly, then I'm a dog. Massah doesn't usually take pictures of my pee-er, but I found this one. And look! (girls close your eyes)

It is on my belly!! Hurrah! I'm a dog! I also asked Massah just to make sure, because I trust her more than anyone else in the world. She told me I was a DOG, so now I'm 100% sure!

Thank you all for your help. I'm very relieved. I know I may look like many things (a pony, an antelope, a rodent, a cat, a snake, an alien, etc.) but that's okay. I know I'm a DOG.

*barking proudly*


Balboa said...

Well I'm glad you're a dog dude. Dogs are cool, SOME cats are cool too. I like to curl up too, when I sleep.

I like your blog, I think your cute too. Of course you can add me to your blog list, I will do the same. We curlers need to stick together.

Jasper said...

I knew it all along!! YAY....and I think you are absolutely KEWL!!
Glad your sister Fig is better.

Billy said...

Little Tadpole you are definitely all dog! You are definitely NOT alien, not snake, not rodent!! You are truly one of a kind and you are just too cute...what more is there to say?

Lots of hugs from Billy Boo:)

Wimsey said...

But, don't we all curl up sometimes? Not when we're on the bed of course, then you have to take up as much room as possible!

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

Of COURSE you are a dog! I told you so!

Sparky said...

Hey - I didn't even think of the pee-pee thing! (I also checked myself as well...I'm a dog too - not that I was questioning it though.)

Fig may be mean, but she's pretty smart too - look at all those big words she used!

Tadpole said...

Hey Blaboa - curlers unite!

Jasper, I'm so glad I'm a dog, because I know you bark at cats....

Billy - "one of a kind" is how a lot of people describe me. :)

Wimsey, hi! I curl up, even in bed. My Mean Sister Fig takes up all the room, so I have to make myself into a little circle or else I won't fit up there!

Nanook - you were right!

Sparky, glad to help - good to hear you're a dog too! Mean Sister Fig is not smart. She's mean.

Carbi Yarker said...

Hey Tadpole!
Wow! It's nice to meet another crestie who blogs!!! Even tho Im a powderpuff (what kind of a name is that to discribe a male dog!!) and you're a hairless!! You know... Mum is always saying I have 'cat-like' paws - it's actually good cause it means that we can climb things!! I also heard her saying that cresties are as self centered as cats! I don't think that's very nice! Especially considering how much of my time is devoted to keeping my Dad healthy!
Anyways... It's GREAT to meet you!
Carbi xx

Peanut said...

I knew you were a dog. That is why on my blog your link has said since I put it there Tadpole (who is a dog)

Sophie Brador said...

Oh no Tadpole ... Sophie doesn't have a pee thing on her belly. Does that mean...... she really is a cat?