Thursday, March 8, 2007

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy....

One of my very favorite humans is going through a hard time right now and is unhappy. And one of the things that always cheers me up is thinking of things that make me happy. So this is my Happy Post, and I hope it will inspire happy thoughts in her!

One my favorites is warm, clean laundry!

I also loved my Frog. He died and went to Stuffie Heaven and is waiting for me now, but it makes me smile to think of him. *reminiscing fondly*

Another GREAT memory is bones. Ahh, I loved them. Massah takes them away from me now, but she can't take away the memories! I stole this one from my sister and it was GOOOOOOOD!

I also love attention from people. Even when it leads to strange things happening to me.... But hey, I don't mind looking like a unicorn if it means I get loved on!

I love sleeping. And cuddling up with my sister (when she lets me). Sometimes I can get really close to her when she's sleeping!


Warm clothes make me happy too. I don't like the cold.

I really love my toys, so I'm going to list more of them! This is my Chuck-a-Duck. I know it sounds kinda mean (I don't know what a "duck" is, but it probably doesn't want to be chucked anywhere) but it's really fun to chew on and chase and play tug-o-war with!


I like my prison. Sometimes I go in there just to visit. Even when Massah's home!

And I love sitting on people's laps! That is my favorite too!

And that's all I can list right now. And now I'm SOOOOO HAAAAAAAPY from remembering all these things!!!!! You should try it!!!!!


Leah said...

aw, tad, you make me smile! thank you! =)

Anonymous said...

Not only do you have the joy, joy, joy, joy -- but you ARE the joy, joy, joy, joy!

Anonymous said...

Tad, it doesn't take a lot to make you happy. What a cutie you are. I love your snuggly pictures at nap time. Hope you keep very quiet while Massah is don't want to be one of those nuisances. Do you like carrots yet?

Sparky said...

Tad, I have the same sweater and same bed that you have in your first picture! We could be twins - except that I have lots of black hair and smooshy face, and you are BALD! (I do like that unicorn look though!)