Thursday, March 15, 2007

my story

I was born in a little town in Illinois, but I really don't remember much about that part of my life. My dog-mom was a powderpuff Crestie, and my dog-dad was hairless. I don't know how many brothers and sisters I had, but I do know that all we had was each other. Massah came and found me when I was six months old, and the first time I saw her I was SO HAPPY to get some attention! When she talked to Evil Lady who owned me, she found out that I and my brother were the last 2 dogs of the litter and that she couldn't get rid of us because no one wanted a weird little dog. Evil Lady kept us in a dark basement in a little cage. I had never seen the sun or grass or gone up steps or seen a car or anything else. When Massah first saw me I was covered in fleas, had lots of skin infections, was shaved so close that my skin was really irritated, smelled terrible because of my bad skin, and was the happiest dog she'd ever seen. This picture is from my first weekend home.

At first my sister hated me. She tried to eat me. Really. And I think she would have succeeded if I weren't in a crate with a wire door seperating us. I loved her right away, but it took her a while to warm up to me. I again want to say that I LOVE HER! I call her Mean Sister because she says mean things about me (she used to call me a naked, writhing, albino rodent) but I know deep down she cares about me too. I don't know if I would use the word "LOVE", but I'm working on that. She'll eventually get there. Here's me and my family, the first full day we were together.

I had some nifty clothes right from the start. :-) I was very white because I had never been in the sun (I'll get tan in the summer) and my face was shaved very close because Evil Lady wanted me to look like a "normal" dog I think. I didn't even have any of my freckles yet! You can see some scratches and skin irritations in this picture:

But now I'm much healthier, although we're still working on clearing up some of my skin issues. And I'm even happier! I'm happy all the time, about everything. I'm a little scared of people who smoke (Evil Lady did that) and older women (Evil Lady was old - like Cruella DeVille) but I warm up to them eventually. I'm very lucky to have Massah and Fig! I love them! And I love the rest of my family!


Anonymous said...

little mister satisfied! you're a cute one, you are!

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Welcome to blogging and DWB Tadpole. Everyone in DWB is pretty friendly. It's like having a world wide family. My goodness- you have so many freckles. I think you would get burnt to a crisp here in NM in the summer. Hope you are having a good day with your tummy. I am on the BARF diet. I was a rescue dog. If my parents hadn't picked me out on the Saturday, I was destined for the bridge on Monday. Your sister looks like Joey & Tanner and I see you have a link to their page. I just love Joey & Tanner.l


PiratesGrrl said...


Our Mom thinks you are one of the cutest doggies she's seen in her entire life. (and she's OLD so that's a lot!) We're so happy that you were saved from Cruella and now you have a family that loves you like crazy.

Doggie Kisses,
The Brat Pack

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Tad, Evil Lady sounds truly evil. I sure hope your brother got a good home too. You look much better now with your grown out hair ... and much happier too!

Peanut said...

I am glad you got away from evil lady. Your life is much better now.

Billy said...

Hi little Tadpole,

You are just simply adorable. We are so happy that you have been adopted to such a wonderful, loving family. There really is hope in this world.

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

Anonymous said...

Tad, we are so glad Massah found you and pitied you enough to bring you home with her. That just shows what a wonderful, compassionate person she is. She could have passed you by for some cutie-pie pup, but she chose you--you are really a lucky-duck (I mean- dog!)

Joe Stains said...

awe, you are so lucky that you found such a great home, and with a Boston Terrier! You couldn't get any luckier!

Leah said...

we love you too, tad!

can't wait to hang out with you *again* this weekend!!

Tadpole said...

Charlie - we're so blessed to have found such great families, huh?

Brat Pack - tell your mom thanks! I don't hear that very much (that I'm cute) so it makes me very happy!

Sophie - I hope my brother got as lucky as I did with a family....

Peanut - my life IS great now! :-)

Billy - I wish EVERY pup could find a home.

Wham - I love Massah!

Joe - I think Bostons make the best friends!

Leah - see you in a few!

Billy said...

Good afternoon little Tadpole,

Thanks for dropping by for a visit. I am seeing the vet Monday night so mom is hoping all will be okay. I tell her not to worry so much:)

I'd like to add you to my friends, would that be okay with you?

Have a super day little one:)

Hugs from Billy Boo (and mom)

Billy said...

Hi little Tadpole,

I added you to my blog, hope this is okay!

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

Ike's life said...

OMG! I was kept in a cage too - for 5 and a half years I helped make puppies and then they got rid of me and I went to rescue and then last summer my mom and dad came and got me and now I am happy too!

...sweet saidie... said...

Hi Tadpole! Thanks for visiting my blog. I know we are going to be great friends, even if you are naked most of the time.

♥ Saidie

MJ's doghouse said...

You are so cute Tadpole..even if you are long as you have your mean sister to cuddle and keep you warm. It will be very fun blogging with you.

Tadpole said...

Hey Billy! Moms like to worry... I think it's something in the way they're made. :-) I'll be thinking of you tonight! Oh - yeah, I'll add you too!

Ike - I wasn't in the sex trade like you were... but I'm SO GLAD we both found nice homes!!!

Saidie - I LOVE friends! And if you ever see my in "real life" I'll probably be wearing a shirt so I won't be COMPLETELY naked - I don't like to embarrass people....

MJ - I wish Fig would cuddle with me more! But Massah always lets me curl up in her lap if Fig's being mean and aloof.