Tuesday, May 29, 2007

my blog (by Massah)

I got tagged to share about WHY I started blogging! But I just did it because Massah suggested it! I don't know why! But I'll let her tell you why she thought of it in the first place....

Tad is a unique little dog. And by "unique" I mean odd-looking to most people. When I first got him, he was in horrible shape (physically), smelled disgusting (from the food he was eating) and had infections all over his skin (he's allergic to flea bites and was COVERED in fleas). In addition to all that, his previous owner shaved his already infected skin and made it even more raw and painful-looking. In short, he looked truly awful. Everyone who saw him - or saw pictures of him - thought he was the ugliest thing they ever laid eyes on. And that broke my heart. Yes, I know - he didn't know or care what they thought and said about him, but it made ME feel bad for him! He honestly is the sweetest little boy ever, and I wanted a place for him to share about his adventures and not be judged by the way he looks. :~) So as much fun as he's having with this blog, it's more than that for me. I appreciate everyone who is his friend, who experiences his life with him through the blog, and who doesn't let his naked little body taint their view of him. So THANK YOU! He's a blast to live with, and we both hope you enjoy reading about his continuing life with his Mean Sister Fig.... And since I have the blog, here's a video of what Tad does when he's done pooping. He's slightly effeminate, if you ask me, but he claims it's a very masculine adaptation of the "cover-up scratch" that all the other normal dogs do. You be the judge:


Ruby Bleu said...

Oh Tad...you must have been a dancer is a previous life!!! Very talented. I have loved getting to know you...I've never met/seen a doggie like you so it's been fun learning all about you!!!

Lots of Loving Licks, Ruby

Ferndoggle said...

Tad you look like a ballerina! What perfect form!

We don't know any dogs like you either & we're so glad Massah gave you a blog to keep us laughing!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Lorenza said...

Hi, Tadpole. A dancer, right?
I am so happy to know you through your blog and its a honor for me to be your friend.
I love you so much!
Have a nice day.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Tad.. that is a great arabasque!!!

FleasGang said...

Well, instead of comparing you to a "Ballerina", we think you're more like a NINJA! You're a boy for crying-out loud :-)

The FleasGang

wally said...

Well done, Tad! You just made my ma ape fall out of my chair laughing! I I can't believe you were ever anything other than lovely. Um, when my apes came to get me the non-ma ape asked "Is he always going to look like that." I was not in the best shape ever. But we both got better with age, eh!


ps. Good job rescuing your massah! Looks like you picked a good one.

Billy said...

Tadpole how adorable can you get? You are truly one of a kind! I'm so glad you found a wonderful loving home, it makes us have the fuzzies all over:)

BIG hugs and love from Billy Boo:)

Balboa said...

Whoa, have you been taking Yoga with Joey and Tanner?

Frenchie Kisses,

Luckie the Dachie said...

You look really graceful. Perhaps you are practicing Pilates or some new form of Yoga??
I like the way you look Tads..you are very *special*. :)I'm glad you have a bloggie and we are friends!

Peanut said...

Hey you've got to stretch your legs out. My mom says she always though dogs like you were a little funny looking but since knowing you she has a different opinion (don't hate her she's only human)

Joe Stains said...

ohh we love tad, I mean he is no boston terrier but he is still really darn cool. (dont tell fig I said that ok)

Oscar Airedale said...

You're a ballerina Tad. A very masculine one naturally! I don't even do any post-poop scratching!

We LOVE you Tad, you're so cool.

Oscar x

MJ's doghouse said...

I think Tad is a little hunka burnin love...but..i think Joey would even love his ways more...lol..My mommy loves the little powderpuff...and cant believe anyone would say he is ugly...and I agree about the ballerina..maybe he is related to Berischnikoff....(i cant spell it...)

Scruffy said...

Hey Tadpole

You have the most complex poop dance I have ever seen. Keep it up.

The Mighty Scruff

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I think Tadpole is a really sweet and cute doggie. You're lucky to have Massah looking after you now. :)

*big hugs* ~ girl girl

Tasha & Eva said...

Who says he-dogs can't be graceful? You're not afraid to show your feminine side, which shows what a true man you are. You have a truely wonderful Massah. She saw past the neglected little puppy to see a great little companion. We're so glad we we have gotten to know you. You always give us a smile if not a good belly laugh! Keep up the fabulous work. Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.
P.S. Looks like you and Fig had a wonderful time on Memorial Day! A fenced back yard is the next best thing to a dog park!

Balboa said...

I meant to add....

I am sorry about your previous life, waht mean people. Like mommy keeps saying, someone named Karma will get them.

I am glad you and Massah found each other.

Sophie Brador said...

Too funny! Tad! You're Sophie's long lost Russian Ballet dance partner ... or maybe pairs figure skating is more your thing?

Stanley said...

You kill me, Tad. By any chance do you give lessons?

Hey, I found you through Ruby Bleu's blog, and would love to be buddies. (I'm linking you up to my blog as I type).

From one goober to another,

Asta said...

What great ballet stretches, I think you should come to NY and audition fot ABT or NYC Ballet..you're truly talented
smoochie kisses