Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I'm a tad bit sad (get it? TAD bit? hee...) because all of my family and friends are gone. Massah is lonely too. I don't think Fig really cares, because she's really selfish. Massah says some people are just on vacation and will be back soon, but others are sick and will be gone for a while. I don't understand why everyone had to leave at once. Massah says stuff about when it rains it pours, and I don't know what she's talking about, but I DO know that it's not only raining outside right now, but it's POURING and I don't like to poo outside when it's raining so I also have a tummy ache from holding all that poo in my bowels because I refuse to deposit it outside until it's dry. I think I'm just having a bad day and feeling sorry for myself. We're all entitled to do that once in a while, right?


Ike said...

Your mom is right about the raining and pouring thing. Things will look up soon.

Peanut said...

Ah hope it stops raining soon so you can poo. Also so you can visit some people

PiratesGrrl said...

Oh, Tadpole...take a deep breath and some time for yourself. It sounds like you need some YOU time.

She's right - it definitely pours sometimes.

The Brat Pack

PS I'm sure she won't care if you poo in the house since it's raining outside. - Dot

Oscar Airedale said...

Aw Tadpole don't be sad. You're too cute to be sad.

Oscar x

Butchy & Snickers said...

Poor Tadpole,
We had rain all day yesterday & night then this morning we woke up to TONS of SNOW! Did you get it too?? We think it was headed your way. You need to learn to poo outside when it's icky. It's not fun to have a tummy ache. Just do like us, run outside, poo right away & run like nuts back into the house, hehehehehe! You look so cold in your pictures. You should buy some clothes from our Mama. Did you know she makes & sells doggie stuff? Check out her bubbleshare on our blog of happy customers, tee hee! Hope you don't get buried with the snow! Feel better pal!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Balboa said...

I think you need a nice belly rub and lots of carrots, um, maybe after you poop.

I'm gonna send some nice thoughts your way, things will get better.

Frenchie hugs and kisses,

Billy said...

I agree we all need a day that we can feel sorry for ourselves. I think my day was yesterday because with all the change in the food in my diet, I did some no no's yesterday. I pooped in my hooman brother's room (it has carpet so mom was not too happy), I was sick in the living room (you guessed it carpet too) and mom noticed I had peed in my other hooman's room (yup more carpet). But she understood that my little tummy wasn't feeling very well and she didn't say a word, just cleaned everything up and I was on the couch feeling sorry for me. Good to have a little understanding isn't it?

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

Luckie the Dachie said...

It's probably one of those days where you can't help feeling sorry for yourself. I have that feeling too at times. But Mom says the sunshine will come out after the rain so hang in there. All will be well.

Joe Stains said...

we hope you are all feeling better soon, especially your sick friends.

Fu Fu said...

Tadpole, dont be sad.
I hope the rain stops for you soon

~ fufu

Ferndoggle said...

Poor widdle Tad! I hate when it rains too. A Diva shouldn't be expected to poo outside in the pouring rain. I hold mine in too & then I spread my flowery scent all through the house. When Mom is about ready to throw up, she'll take me out with the big golf umbrella so I don't get wet.

Training humans is FUN!

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