Thursday, April 5, 2007


I'm so excited! I get to be in Lola's band! It's called The Howling Jowls! I don't have cool big flapping jowls like her, but I'm really good at howling! Lola is on electric guitar, Bella is the lead vocalist, Peanut is the drummer, and Wally, Cubby, Wimsey, and Doofus are in it too! Lola said I get to play bass guitar!! I didn't get around to actually practicing the bass guitar last night, but that's okay. I'm naturally talented when it comes to music, I'm convinced of it. I'm the best and loudest singer in our whole building so I'll pick up bass guitar really quickly, I'm sure. Anyway, I didn't get around to practicing because I was trying to decide on my "look." I came up with a few possibilities. The first is my "hard core" rocker look.

I can do several hair styles with this one.

And my shirt says Tough Guy on the back. We didn't get a picture of that. But it's really cool. Because I am a tough rocker guy.

I've noticed that some bands wear weird shirts and mix-n-match things and wear hats, so I combined this shirt:

with this hat!

What 'cha think?

And some bands go for the preppy look. I can do that too!

I was really into posing for Massah at this point.

I kinda like this one, if I do say so myself.

And we tried one more hair style. (Look at jealous Mean Sister Fig - ha!)

I just don't know what I like best! But I do have my own agent.

And I even come with a ready-made groupie! (Look at her fat neck roll - ha!)

Thanks so much for letting me join you guys! Let me know what look will fit in the best!


Sparky said...

I like the high pony tail - reminds me of Gene Simmons from KISS.

Billy said...

You are so versatile little one, everything looks GOOD on you! I personally love all your styles, they are unique and suited to you. You would win hands down amongst us all.

Great big hugs from Billy Boo:)xox the neck roll on Fig haha!

Anonymous said...

ha! You're a winner, Tadpole! I like the pony tail, too. Maybe you ought to dye some of your hair...

Ferndoggle said...

Definitely the rocker look. That's super-fly! Fig can come on tour with us & be a roadie!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Fig can be the bodyguard.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Tadpole.. I LOVE the hat picture! You look awesome! I agree with Billy.. you are so versatile!!
Hugs, Sitka

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Move over Sanjaya!

Bussie Kissies

Ian said...

totally rocker, dude.

Anonymous said...

Tad, you are hilarious. You must spend hours in front of the mirror trying all those different hair styles. I love the little top of the head tuft!

Jasper said...

We like the last pic for your rocker hair style!! YAY
You are simply the cutest rocker we know!!

Sophie Brador said...

You were born to perform baby!

Bella the Boxer said...

Rock on, Tadpole! All of your looks are've just added to the image of our band. We're going to take the music world by storm.

xoxo - Bella

Peanut said...

man I like them all. I think you should just change between them.

Tasha & Eva said...

Tadpole, you are ready to become even more famous than you already are! We're sure that your band will be a big hit all over the world. We don't think you should go with just one look. You have to keep your adoring public guessing so we think you should mix it up some. One look for the North American tour, one for Europe, you know keep it fresh where ever you go! Our dad used to work for bands and he says he sees true star potential from you and your bandmates. And the name, "Howling Jowls", is PERFECT!Go be famous!! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hiya Tadpole,
You gonna charm all the babes with your rocker look!! Way kewllllll!!

Joe Stains said...

I definitely like the preppy look!

e said...

Oh my dog Tapole
You look so cute in the last shot.

You rock!!!!!


Balboa said...

I think you look best in the pokadot hat. - You're a SUPERSTAR!

Frenchie Kisses,

Fu Fu said...

Hey Tadpole, you have the coolest hairstyle. I wish I have long hair to style them like yours

~ fufu

MJ's doghouse said...

Oh Tadpole..I am a tad bit jealous that you are in the band and I knew nothing of it...oh well...I think you should switch up with the fashion. You are one hunky dog. Sorry I havent been to your blog lately...i have been so busy with my babies. But i promise i will stop by more often now.