Tuesday, August 25, 2009

qui est'il?

I am on a roll with my posts - THREE in one week! So I'm going to keep going, even though I have nothing to say, really. But I'm going to play Ike's "How'd you get your name?" game. Here's the newest picture of me, though. Taken approximately 120 seconds ago:

Now. Tadpole Pomegranate. My girl wasn't planning on getting a dog when she first saw me. But once she saw my adorable, sweet, innocent, endearing face she couldn't say no. Actually, it was probably the urine-soaked house and pitch black basement that swayed her judgement, but whatever. Now, she carries a list of possible doggin names around in her head at all times (apparently she must be prepared in case a nameless pup stops her on the side of the road and asks for her assistance in choosing a moniker) and once we were in the car she started going through them. Evidently I wasn't a Pea Pod (that was - and still is - her favorite). Or a Belly. Or a Butter. Or any of the others (which were mostly girl names - she never considered getting a boy... she didn't want to deal with the hanging stuff). And then TADPOLE came out. *shrug* I'm sure it didn't have anything to do with the fact that I was pale, skinny, naked, pointy, and wiggly/wormy. When Motch saw me, she came up with Pomegranate. If my girl would have thought of that in the car before she named me, I probably would be Pomegranate. But it was TOO LATE. I was Tadpole. Tadpole Pomegranate. AKA the Little Naked Chinese Man. AKA Taddy-wack. AKA T-Pole. AKA Poley. And numerous others. As I leave you, please enjoy the out-takes of my photo shoot today (titles under the photos):


"frightening eye"

"all scrunched up and nowhere to look"



Saturday, August 22, 2009

passing it on

Remember this mess, I mean my SCENE OF BEAUTY?

Well guess who took lessons?!

It's my lovely little Aunt Petra! And boy does she learn quickly! We went over to visit her today because Motch and P.A. are gone, and look what we found!

Alas, it wasn't the cotton-y shredability of tampons, but it sure looked fun!

She of course showed a broken spirit and contrite heart and apologized profusely. In her own way.

Can you see her honest remorse?

We even took a video of her showing her sorrow for her destruction, just in case Motch doesn't believe her:

Take it from me: She will never do this again.

Truly. She is sorry.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

VERY SAD POST - IT MADE MY GIRL CRY! (but he is okay)


Police in Cambridgeshire are appealing for information after Mugly - who won the Britain's Ugliest Dog title in 2005 - was apparently set upon by a gang.

The Shitzu-Chinese Crested cross was rescued by a passer-by who chased off the thugs, who were allegedly seen hitting it with a stick and kicking and punching it.

The local lady recognised the practically hairless cat-sized dog from missing posters that owner Bev Nicholson, 46, had put up in the neighbourhood in Peterborough, Cambs.

He had escaped from a ground-floor window at home on Thursday and was missing.

"They had pulled out a little tuft of hair he had on his neck," said Mrs Nicholson. "It was the only hair he had and they even managed to take off one of his eyebrows. I can't even work out how they would have done that.

"It's not like people carry scissors or a shaver around with them."

Mrs Nicholson, who has four children and is a support worker for dwarf actors, added: "I was worried sick about him.

"He'd never gone missing before and you worry about letting him out because of what he looks like and the fact he's so friendly.

"You just can't think why these people would do such a horrible thing. Part of me thinks they might not have even realised that he was a dog because of him having no hair so they just bullied him.

"It's horrible because he loves people so much he probably thought it was just a game and all they were interested in was hurting him.

"He was really shaken and cowered in to me when he got back to me. He was swollen and bruised around his face and rear end."

Adela Navarro, a local vet, said: "He had a few cuts and was bruised and a little shaken up."

I don't know what's sweeter/sadder/most cute - that his mom works as a support worker for dwarf actors, that "he probably thought it was just a game," or the fact that they pulled out "the only hair he had." WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!?!?!?!? It makes me sick to my stomach. Show some love to us nakedies!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Contemporary Art 101

OMD - look what my girl found when she came home tonight!!!

She was speechless with admiration.

This took me all day to complete, and I am very proud.

I unwrapped and dissected them by the table, in my girl's room, in leah's room, in front of the fireplace, and right here on my bed by the door. I like to look out the window and shred the cotton at the same time.

Can you hear how impressed she is?!

I may look a little guilty, but believe you me, I am PROUD of myself!

I think Fig was a little more cautious in her expectations of my girl's approval....

But all in all I think it turned out well!