Wednesday, February 28, 2007

not quite so happy today....

This is a sad day. Massah is getting her hair cut. One of my very favorite things to do - besides chewing on her fingers when I'm sleepy - is chewing on her hair.

I love it! It tastes so good - like Juicy Fruit gum!

I hope she doesn't cut it ALL off, like that Brittney girl they keep talking about on the news.... But if she does, then she'd be hairless and we could be twins!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Excuse me... ahem. My name's Tadpole and this is my very first blog! My older sister Fig has one but she never lets me write anything, so Massah (my girl) helped me set this up. This is me:

I may look a little pensive in the photo, but I think that's because my sister had just yelled at me for trying to bite her legs.... Anyway, I'm usually 100% happy all the time. I'm a one-year-old hairless Chinese Crested, and YES I was born naked! I have hair on my head and my feet and my tail - but that's it!

I started this blog because my sister is sometimes kinda mean to me on her journal. She says that I'm not as smart as she is or that I don't know how to play the right way. I say that just because I'm not crabby and selfish and aged doesn't mean anything - she's the grumpy old lady. So this blog is where the FUN happens! If you want to see how mean she is, you can visit her blog at I'm warning you, though - don't believe everything she writes about me.

I'll end my first post with a picture of me in my cool board shorts. Cheers!