Monday, February 25, 2008

odds n' ends

When I can't sleep like this:

This is my second choice. Sometimes I even hold hands with them.

I LOVE Massah-in-Law's animals that she keeps on her bed....

Oh, and in response to a question from yesterday's post, The Boy (who is responsible for the flowers) is Massah's brother. Here he is with Motch (Petra's servant):

And the flowers are still alive!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

oooh's and ahhh's

This post is for Massah. She is very proud of herself, and I'm offering a platform for her to brag. Direct your attention to the photo below:

Please note that these are from Valentine's Day... and they are STILL ALIVE!!!

I do not know how she's managed this feat, but there is visual proof.... (please ignore the odd African tribesman in the background)

OH - and Grammy, these are from The Boy, so don't get your hopes up.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

not AGAIN!

Well, Massah has moved into Phase Two of her ridiculous anti-poo-eating campaign. Speaking of campaigns, when I get sworn into office, I'm going to make it LEGAL and ENCOURAGED to eat poo; that'll be my first order to business. Anway, this is what she came home with today:

Some kind of "veterinary strength" evilness. I (and Fig) will begin taking it with our meals tomorrow morning. I heard this is the strong stuff, so I'm going to have some hard times ahead of me if I want to continue asserting my doggie rights of poo-eating. But I intend to succeed; it'll take more than repulsive powder on my food to stop me.

And all this on top of an injury. Just look at me:

We do not know what happened, but there is a big scratch on my neck. Boo. You'd think after looking at this, she feel so sorry for me that she'd give me a big old plate of poo.

Apparently she doesn't agree.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

be still my heart

Oh my dog - look at her!!!

She is Princess Pinkie ... and I have a confession to make, right here on the internets in front of everybody: I think I may be falling in love!

She is PINK (like me) and has FRACKLES (like me) and adopted her new family (like me) and wears CLOTHES (like me) and is incredibly good looking (like me) and is naturally NAKED - JUST LIKE ME!!! How could I NOT have a huge crush on her?!

Special note for ChaChi and Poppy and all the other girlies: I have not lost all my other crushes, my dears.... Here's a kiss just to prove it:

Monday, February 18, 2008


I should be back for good, now! Massah-in-law was gone for days and days and days and she took her computer with her, so we've been internets deprived over here. But she is back (with pictures!) and I have a LOT of catching up to do! But alas, you probably wouldn't even recognize me. This morning Massah (voluntarily!!!) handed me over to a gang of thieves who then stole some of my hairs! I do not have many to start with, but look what they did!

Do you remember my lucious beard and manly chest hair? (from December)

They are now only a memory.

Why, oh why...?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

poo breath update

I am holding strong here, my friends. I have been taking the Potty Mouth tablets every day for a week, and I'm STILL EATING MY POO!!!!! And just so you all know, Massah is making Fig eat the Potty Mouth stuff also, and I'm still eating her poo too! Massah has now upped the dosage; we are both taking TWICE as much as when we first started - and we LOVE IT! It's our favorite snackie now!!!

Oh - and please, PLEASE do not give Massah any more anti-poo-eating ideas... I think MJ said it best when she said "What is coming of a world when a little naked Chinese man can't eat his own poop...."

Amen, sister. And thank you for the support.