Saturday, November 29, 2008

bad sweater! BAD sweater!

I had a slight accident on the way to Motch and Petra's tonight. I was making big-boy pee-pee on my bush, and some it got onto my sweater (perhaps I lost my balance a little bit). When we got to Petra's house I had to take it off because no one wanted to hold me with a big-boy pee-pee filled sweater. However, I was shaking and shivering without it! So Massah pulled one of Fig's old sweaters out of a drawer. I was horrified!

It is a GIRL'S SWEATER!!! With tassels!!!

Not manly at all! (look how far my tail is down!)

BUT - this is the WORST part. Guess who DID like it?!?!

Did you see her drag me around?!?! All over the room and under the bed and around corners?!?! Oh my dog. Someone save me.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

it's my favorite time of year...

Time to RUIN CHIRSTMAS PICTURES!!! Here are some of my masterpieces from today:

The last second twist-and-lick is always a classic!

And OMD - I had to show you a close-up of my face in this one!!!

Ha ha ha! Oh how I love Christmas time!

Monday, November 17, 2008

keeping warm

This weekend was pretty boring, but I did get a new sweater to keep me warm this winter. I really wasn't in the mood for posing and modeling, however. These are the only photos I would allow:

She also tried a video:

But I was willing to give kisses!

And one frame that could, on a bad day, be considered acceptable (mainly because it shows my beard!):

Thursday, November 13, 2008

c'est moi

Hello my friends! I apologize for my recent absence. It's my girl's fault of course. But you don't need to yell at her - I've already done that and Fig's chimed in (loudly) too.

Unfortunately I don't have anything exciting to share. Petra had her Gotcha Day this week... she put up pictures of her celebration. And despite what it look like, I was a PARTY ANIMAL - believe me. I got all crazy and was off the chain. Motch just caught me at the end of my caffeine high. And in case you forgot what I look like, here I am. My beard is growing out and I'm not letting Massah come near me with the scissors.

I hope to catch up with everyone soon; hope you're all staying warm!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


OMD the big day is almost here! I'm going to show you my Halloween costume soon, but FIRST I have to remind you: Tuesday is Election Day!

That means it is your opportunity to vote for Joe Stains and me, Tadpole Pomegranate!

Mean Sister Fig and I have been out canvasing the area, going door to door:

Putting signs up all over:

And answering questions from our constituents. What's that you ask?

Why yes, Joseph Stains and I will most certainly make it mandatory for everydog to get as many treats as they want, whenever they want!

Come on - who DOESN'T want that?! VOTE!!!