Friday, December 26, 2008

good times

Just a few quick pictures of our Christmas!

Massah was happy we got this shot.

Not my present, of course (I didn't get any) but I managed to steal this one!

Scavaging for more.

My Christmas cuddle (I was lucky...).

My new fuzzy blanket! (okay, it's Massah's, but I'm sure she'll share)

Hope yours was great, too!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


However you celebrate, have a happy holiday!

We're thankful for all of you,
Hannah, Fig, and Tad

Monday, December 22, 2008

*hiding my face*

You've heard "don't bite the hand that feeds you"? Well I didn't. I bit the face that was going to take the food away.

Yes, I did.

And yes, it's less than a week before Christmas. Massah said I am not getting ANYTHING for Christmas and I may be on the Naughty List for the rest of my life. She warned me to not even expect a Christmas cuddle or kiss. And I think she means it; this happened on Friday and she hasn't kissed me since.

Please don't think badly of me. Massah keeps telling herself that it's because I used to have to fight for my food, but she's getting tired of trying to convince herself of that. I promise not to do it again - as long as I never get a bone again!

For the details:
I was lying on the bed, eating a bone that I stole from Fig, when Massah came over to me. She bent over and kissed the top of my head, but I knew that she was going to take the bone away, so I STRUCK. And bit her. Two big bites and a few smaller scratches. I was in the literal and figurative dog house for quite a while. Still am in the figurative dog house, to be frank. I don't even know how to BEGIN making this right.... Any ideas on how to apologize? (Besides vowing not to poo in the house? I don't think I could give that up....)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm lacking Christmas cheer

I have been a VERY BAD BOY (which has nothing to do with my pooing in the house...) and am currently banished from any kisses from Massah. I don't know if I can bring myself to confess my sin to you all. But while I'm working up my courage, you can bring my spirits up by voting for Post Of The Month at the Bone Zone - I was nominated for my Bad Sweater post. And here I am, looking angelic and innocent and sweet and kind and good and like a doggin who would never bite anyone.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Look at this! Leah is CHEATING me!!!

I KNEW I smelled something on Fig's breath when she crawled into bed late at night! Leah was feeding her BONES while I was peacefully sleeping! I found Leah's garbage and was just nosing around when I found this! It is DISGRACEFUL!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

bad sweater! BAD sweater!

I had a slight accident on the way to Motch and Petra's tonight. I was making big-boy pee-pee on my bush, and some it got onto my sweater (perhaps I lost my balance a little bit). When we got to Petra's house I had to take it off because no one wanted to hold me with a big-boy pee-pee filled sweater. However, I was shaking and shivering without it! So Massah pulled one of Fig's old sweaters out of a drawer. I was horrified!

It is a GIRL'S SWEATER!!! With tassels!!!

Not manly at all! (look how far my tail is down!)

BUT - this is the WORST part. Guess who DID like it?!?!

Did you see her drag me around?!?! All over the room and under the bed and around corners?!?! Oh my dog. Someone save me.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

it's my favorite time of year...

Time to RUIN CHIRSTMAS PICTURES!!! Here are some of my masterpieces from today:

The last second twist-and-lick is always a classic!

And OMD - I had to show you a close-up of my face in this one!!!

Ha ha ha! Oh how I love Christmas time!

Monday, November 17, 2008

keeping warm

This weekend was pretty boring, but I did get a new sweater to keep me warm this winter. I really wasn't in the mood for posing and modeling, however. These are the only photos I would allow:

She also tried a video:

But I was willing to give kisses!

And one frame that could, on a bad day, be considered acceptable (mainly because it shows my beard!):

Thursday, November 13, 2008

c'est moi

Hello my friends! I apologize for my recent absence. It's my girl's fault of course. But you don't need to yell at her - I've already done that and Fig's chimed in (loudly) too.

Unfortunately I don't have anything exciting to share. Petra had her Gotcha Day this week... she put up pictures of her celebration. And despite what it look like, I was a PARTY ANIMAL - believe me. I got all crazy and was off the chain. Motch just caught me at the end of my caffeine high. And in case you forgot what I look like, here I am. My beard is growing out and I'm not letting Massah come near me with the scissors.

I hope to catch up with everyone soon; hope you're all staying warm!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


OMD the big day is almost here! I'm going to show you my Halloween costume soon, but FIRST I have to remind you: Tuesday is Election Day!

That means it is your opportunity to vote for Joe Stains and me, Tadpole Pomegranate!

Mean Sister Fig and I have been out canvasing the area, going door to door:

Putting signs up all over:

And answering questions from our constituents. What's that you ask?

Why yes, Joseph Stains and I will most certainly make it mandatory for everydog to get as many treats as they want, whenever they want!

Come on - who DOESN'T want that?! VOTE!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm all grown up

OMD did I show you guys my big-boy pee pee yet? This is me at the dog park this summer! You can't see it very well, but that's okay... not only did I make big-boy pee pee, but I made it on a toy! And it wasn't even MY TOY!!! Can you even believe it?!

It took me a while to learn how to do that, but it's So Much Fun! In this video you can see me better, but you have to put up with Mean Sister Fig for the first few seconds. Sorry. Hang in there, though... I make a GOOD big-boy pee pee towards the end!

Awesome, huh?!

Friday, October 24, 2008

7 Things Game

My man Hugo tagged me a while ago and I'm finally getting it done! This was long and hard and I had to put my thinking cap on (courtesy of Stanley).

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die!
1. gain 30 pounds
2. get paid for my job at the prison
3. make my nails stop growing so I wouldn’t have to get them cut
4. grow my chest hair out so it drags on the ground
5. win a game of tug-of-war with Fig
6. eat my weight in poo (in one day)
7. get elected

7 Things I Do Now!
1. make big-boy pee pee
2. cuddle
3. eat baby carrots
4. pretend I don’t understand what “no” means
5. poo in the house
6. wear coats and sweaters
7. lay in Fig’s crate and lick her blankets

7 Things I Can't Do!
1. eat peoples food
2. bark like a big-boy dog
3. avoid baths
4. see out windows
5. sleep with anyone but Massah
6. ingest chapstick
7. open cupboard doors

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex!
1. corduroy jackets (!)
2. small stature
3. a love for naked men
4. snuggle-lover
5. secure (to be with a slightly effeminate guy like me)
6. bicycles with baskets
7. doggles

7 Things I Say Most Often!
1. baby carrot?!
2. outside?!
3. hungry?!
4. ride in the car?!
5. FIG!!!
6. food?!
7. okay?!

7 Celebrities That I Admire!
1. Tramp
2. the Black Stallion
3. Benji
4. Pongo
5. Ariel
6. Nemo
7. Carol Channing

Now... TAG! You're it!

Friday, October 17, 2008

a big one tomorrow!

It is Massha's birthday tomorrow, as Petra posted. Some doggins asked if I will be getting her a turtle for her birthday, since she was posing with one. The answer is NO. Evidently she had one several years ago named Myrtle, and she (or he, no one could never tell...) SMELLED BAD. So there you go. But here is a picture of my present:

I am giving her JOY! And truly, what better gift is there?!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

important announcement:

My good friend Ruby recently brought to my attention a conspiracy against me and my Vice Presidential running mate, Mr. Joseph Stains. Evidently, WE ARE NOT ON THE BALLOT!!!


So we need your help. Please tell your parents that they will have to submit write-in votes for us. I've created an example to show your humans, just so there will be no confusion. Please study the following closely:

Thank you for your cooperation,

Future President Tadpole Pomegranate

Sunday, October 5, 2008

she's taking over!

Hi - it's Taddy's (and Fig's) girl here; and I'm only taking over for one post. It's a sad day in our house (pathetic Cubs.... grrr) but this made me smile :-) I was taking a nap this afternoon, when I woke up to a weight on my chest. I open my eyes and what do I see? This lovely face:

Ha! After I calmed down (I was initially frightened and then uproariously amused), I grabbed my phone, which I happened to have with me. And then he got shy.

Ahhh. My little naked Chinese man makes me smile.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

close you eyes and make a wish:

I wish I wish I wish I wish I wish I wish....

The CUBS would win tonight!!!!!

Okay, I'm too nervous to open my eyes back up...!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday television

I have gotten some awards (yipee!) and I will get to them soon, but right now I'm kinda busy. We are getting ready to settle down for Monday Night Football and then Prison Break and then back to ESPN to catch up on what we missed of the Pixburg and Baltimore game while Michael and the gang look for Sylla.... It's gonna be a busy night.

I'm settling down on Massah's clean clothes fresh out of the dryer.

For some reason she won't let me sit on her chest while she's watch TV. Something about wanting to see something besides this:

Yes. I like to sit on people's chest and stare into their faces. So what?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

a post

I am here and I am okay! I have been visiting blogs when I've had the chance, but I haven't left comments because I don't get the computer for very long. And I obviously haven't updated my own blog. :-( Just wanted to check in and say that I miss you and I hope Tanner had a nice birthday and that Joey gets his hair back (I know what it's like to go without), and Peanut didn't eat that little dog because it's about my size and I wouldn't want to get eaten, and Lola isn't fighting with Penny, and Mack and Paris aren't drowndeded, and Pearl isn't in too much trouble for her fabulous stain, and my little Poppy doesn't injure herself trying to contort into Clover's positions, and Ruby doesn't get mobbed by all the C-A-Ts on her blog, and Stan and Pupi are doing okay without their blogging assistant (and I need to get a entry sent in), and Suki's still a cutie, and Wally's ape isn't stilll whoring around with the ASPCA dogs. And here I am almost a year ago.

I think I look the same, but apparently some of my clothes don't fit me anymore because I've grown. I say GOOD. A manly dog like me can always stand to gain a few pounds and lose a few shirts. Just look at the football fans that are on TV!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

so difficult...!

The lovely little Poppy Drop posted a while ago about the best places to kiss a dog. That was a thought-provoking conundrum for me, because MY favorite place to be kissed and my GIRL'S favorite place to kiss me are different. Let me illustrate. This is me favorite place for my girl to plant a big one on me, on the corner of my mouth:

However, she doesn't like to kiss me there because she says my breath smells!!! Can you believe it?!?! Jeesh! Just because I like to eat my poo shouldn't mean I miss out on kisses!!! But as a compromise, this is where she likes to give kisses:

So I don't know what to say. Is my favorite place where I'd LIKE TO get kisses, or where I DO GET kisses?

It's a hard question, no?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Taddy Wack!

I think it's been 17 million years since I've gotten on here! I've got a bunch of excuses, but I know you guys and gals don't want to hear them... you want to see me, right? WELL: I don't even have any pictures to share with you - that's how awful it's been at our house. BOOOOO. So here's an old one, taken before my beard was shaved off:

There has been nothing going on anyway, even if I had updated regularly. The most exciting thing was the bug bite I got on my naked little neck where I now have a very large scab because I keep scratching it. But here are some other pictures from the archives, for your viewing pleasure. Here's a close up of me:

And here's one of me in a fort I made on Massah-in-law's bed. I like to make forts, especially when it's cold. In this picture I had just woken up, that's why I look a little discombobulated.

And one last one. A kiss for you!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

shocking news - swimmers shave chests

Well I was planning to take myself off to the land of my ancestors for some competition (see post below) but some things came to my attention by way of my feast-tastic pal, Stanislaw. Here he is:

Almost as handsome as I am, huh? Well, he shared some news with me. In his comment in the last post, he said -and I quote - "you won't even need to shave your chest!" WHAT?!?! Swimmers have to shave their chests?!?!


Why does this bother me so much? Let me share. Those who have been around a while know how proud I am of my exceptional masculinity. Wally T. even called me the "manliest dog on the internets" which I still repeat to myself every night before I go to sleep. Anyway, one of my most masculine traits that I am particularly proud of is my CHEST HAIR! Here a picture where you can see it in all its incredible glory:

Please ignore the mullet - that's why I never let Massah near me with a scissors any more, EVER. Anyway, did you see my chest hair?!?! There are so many manly chest hairs that I cannot even count them! There's probably 5 or maybe 7 of them?! Impressive, huh?! I have given it a lot of thought, but there is just no way I can get rid of those. So with great regret I must say: I respectfully withdraw my offer of assistance to the US Olympic Swim Team. I want to apologize to Michael Phelps especially, because I know he was really counting on the boost I would have provided. But rest assured I'll be cheering him on from my couch in the corn country.

Go USA! You can do it! Even without me there!