Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am a good distraction

My girl is still debating what to do about the little Teddy Bear, but she is so distraught that I had to distract her from the dispair. I came up with a good plan to! Here's the evidence:

Well, what do you know... a Cadbury egg!

What's that? It looks like someone stole it off the coffee table and bit a hole in the wrapper and nibbled an entry into the chocolate and then carefully licked all the filling out of it?!

Couldn't be! Because that is NOT a piece of melted chocolate in my beard that Massah took a picture of and drew a circle around.

Okay, fine - but it was SO GOOD and I can't leave it alone now!

But I am handsome! My girl can't be mad because I am so handsome and manly!

Monday, April 13, 2009

we want to puke

My girl is VERY ANGRY and it is NOT at me! Petra posted a little bit about Teddy/Timmy on her blog, and I've decided to give Massah a chance to get her frustrations out here.

She works with a lady (she is VERY tempted to give out this woman's name and address so everyone can mail her some poo) who recently got a dog for her grandchildren. They got the dog two months ago, and ever since he arrived (they named him Timmy), my girl has heard all about how he pees and poops all over the house and no body takes care of the dog and no one pays any attention to him and how much she hates him and wants to get rid of him. She had hinted a few times that she would like to get rid of him, but on Friday after work, she said she wanted to give him away. When my girl got home, she told her parents (Motch) and they thought it might be a nice time for our Grammy to get someone to love (Grandpa's funeral was one month ago Saturday). When my girl and Motch showed up *just to visit Timmy* they handed the dog over, along with him crate, his travel taxi, his food, toys, chews, and treats, and told them to leave with the dog. After spending Friday night and Saturday morning/afternoon with him, it was very clear that little Timmy didn't know his name (after two months!) didnt' recognize the words "outside", "potty", "bathroom", "go" or any other words that he should have recognized in his first week. While Massah was at Grammy's house with Timmy (who Grammy re-named Teddy because he looks like a sweet little teddy bear, and they didn't teach him his name anyway), Motch callede with former owners to give them an update. The girl told my mom she wanted the dog back. Sobbing like a spoiled little child. My girl was SO ANGRY that she couldn't even go to drop Teddy off - Motch and P.A. had to do it themselves. She is still sick to her stomach that little Teddy had to go back there, where he will be neglected and his needs abandoned. My girls says that those people should be shot, and she cries when she thinks about him, sitting there patiently waiting for some attention and not getting any, getting more and more confused and wondering what he's done wrong, and getting yelled at for doing what he has learned to do to survive. And this is just an rambling post because she can't think straight. We'll end with pictures of Teddy and Grammy. He is a cutie. I hope a miracle happens and he somehow finds someone to love him like he deserves. (excuse the quality - she forgot the camera and had to use her phone)

He was quite comfortable as soon as he got into her lap, and pretty soon he laid his head in her hand and settled in for a nap.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I am a little naked Chinese man again... here is all my back hair that Massah clipped off:

If anyone would like to rent the Tadosaurus, please let me know 4 months in advance so that I can start growing my back hair. Moving on, look what arrived at our house!

Ohmydog - it is a candy bouquet for ME!!! Yummy!

And my girl said, "No, no, Taddy Wack! That is NOT for you!" Apparently it is our "prop" for our Easter photo, and will then be making the trip to Motch and Petra's house for Easter Sunday. Well fine. But I will only pose for ONE picture with Mean Sister Fig, though.

I know it is a very bad picture, but it's Massah's own fault. If she would have only let me eat several of those little tiny candies, then I would have posed nicely all night long. As it was, I tried to sneak some when she turned her back. I think Fig told on me, though - look at her nasty, tattle-tale face back there.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I did something tonight for the first time ever. This happened after Massah and Mean Sister Fig LEFT WITHOUT ME for a walk around the lakes - I have never been so sad in my entire life:

It doesn't matter that Massah and I took a trip by ourselves to the dog park earlier. They are not allowed to leave without me.... *sniff*

Leah didn't help me; she just laughed quietly to herself. Finally I wore myself out and had to lay down on Leah's stomach to mourn.

Oh, woe is me....