Friday, March 30, 2007

my new toy!

I've finally figured out why Massah brought that green bed home the other day. At first I thought she wanted me to sleep in it (HA!) but last night it all became clear to me. It's a toy!! First she puts some of my toys in there, like this:

And then I run over there and pull all of them out!


What a GREAT present, huh?! Massah only played that game twice last night before she sighed really loudly and said "FINE" and sat on the couch. I'm hoping we'll get to play this game lots more tonight! What fun!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Sometimes, when I'm just sitting around, obeying Massah, behaving myself...
Massah thinks I need a BATH! This happens about twice a week, and I don't like it. Please nooooo, Massah!

I don't like it one bit.

Sometimes I try to escape out the back way.

But Massah always catches me and scrubs me down. I try to look pathetic so she'll stop.

Fig always just sits there and watches my misfortune. She's afraid to speak up for me, in case Massah decides she needs a bath too.

But I get lots of kisses when I'm clean!

I swear, I have more shampoos and conditioners and exfoliators and lotions and toners and treatments than Massah does. I try to tell her I'm a BOY and don't need all that stuff, but she doesn't listen. Fig doesn't have to use all that stuff!! I don't know why I'm the only one who is tortured this way so often....

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

it's official:

As I mentioned yesterday, I've tried TWICE to post about my cat or dog findings, but Blogger keeps eating them. It evidently doesn't want me to talk a lot about it, so I'll keep this short and sweet so it'll let me post my findings. Everyone had great tips, and I followed up on each one. Sparky had a pretty fool-proof plan - he suggested asking my vet'anrin. Since Fig was going there anyway, I had her look in my chart. She told me that my chart said, "Malnourished Rodent. Suffering from Albinoism. Also shows pervasive balding, caused by unknown and abnormal skin condition."

That is why I call her Mean Sister Fig.

But Ike had the best idea - he said if my pee-er (or "thingie") is on my belly, then I'm a dog. Massah doesn't usually take pictures of my pee-er, but I found this one. And look! (girls close your eyes)

It is on my belly!! Hurrah! I'm a dog! I also asked Massah just to make sure, because I trust her more than anyone else in the world. She told me I was a DOG, so now I'm 100% sure!

Thank you all for your help. I'm very relieved. I know I may look like many things (a pony, an antelope, a rodent, a cat, a snake, an alien, etc.) but that's okay. I know I'm a DOG.

*barking proudly*

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

oh for the love

I am a little angry. I just made 2 whole, huge posts about my cat/dog status, and they were both EATEN BY BLOGGER! Grrr!! I am fed up with it.

I will blog about it another time. I'm so over it right now. I'm just going to curl up into odd contortions with annoyance.

This is how unhappy I am! See how my head is twisted back?!

Monday, March 26, 2007


I have good tidings of great joy!! Mean Sister Fig is okay!! She found out she has epilepsy, but is on medication and is feeling better - she even played with me this weekend!! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and concerns - we appreciate it (Massah especially). Here is the face that I love!!

More on my "cat or dog?" status tomorrow; thank you all for the great tips. I'm continuing my research....

Friday, March 23, 2007

two things....

I have two things to talk about today. The first topic I will simply introduce, ask for your help, and leave for another day. The second is something that I'm very concerned about. But first things first: the beautiful Sophie brought up a point that has made me do some serious thinking. She asked if I was sure I was a DOG and not a CAT because I like to curl up. *gasp* I could be a CAT?!?! How do I know?!?! This is where I'm asking for help. I've Googled for information, but nothing helpful came up when I typed in "am I a dog or a cat?" and I'm kinda stuck. Seems like not too many people have this problem, and therefore there is not a lot of information out there on this topic. Go figure. So if you have any helpful tips or questions I should ask myself, please let me know. This is scary, not knowing what you are! And lots of dogs don't like cats, so if I turn out to be a cat I don't want everyone here to hate me! How can I tell?

The second this is more important, though. My Mean Sister Fig was sick last night. She had a seizure. It was very scary - especially for Massah - because she's never had one before in all her 5 years. She's going to the vet this afternoon, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. They'll do some bloodwork and hopefully we'll get some good news. I'm worried about her. She felt really bad after it was over and just laid around and licked Massah over and over again. I hope they give her some medicine that will make her feel good enough to play with me again! I don't want her to be sick. I love her. We play with Mr. Hog E. Hoggerton together and it's my favorite.

She may look aloof and uninterested and yes, she is sometimes mean, but I know she loves me too. I hope nothing is wrong. She's my bestest friend in the whole world.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

something new....

Well, Massah had a heart-to-heart with me the other day. She said that it IS possible to share the ottoman with Fig, and that she would appreciate it if I would try. I did not believe her (since Fig tries to steal EVERYTHING for herself and does NOT like to share) but I said I would give it a shot.

She seems to have been correct.

Fig wasn't too happy about sharing, but I think Massah must have taken her aside too, because at least she didn't shove me onto the floor.

I'm not too sure about this. But at least Massah is very happy with us now.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

snuggle bug

I've noticed that a lot of my posts are about me sleeping. And there's good reason for that - it's one of my favorite things! I love to snuggle up in blankets to keep warm. Can you see me?

I'm under there!

I'm really bad with the paint skills, but I'll try to help you out - here I am!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

catching up

I am always exhausted after visiting our family on weekends. It takes me a while to catch up on my sleep.

I like to sleep on the ottoman that I stole from Fig. Sometimes she tries to steal it back though.

So I smack her.

Then she leaves me alone and lets me rest.

What?! Is that mean or something?

Monday, March 19, 2007

thanks for the info -

I just wanted to quickly update everyone on my health and the dog food recall situation. Ike wrote about it in his journal and he posted the link for the list of dog foods that are affected, so you can check it out there. But Massah called the vet and found that the food that I'm on is NOT part of the recall. Which is good news. But it's also bad news because we still don't know why I'm sick. Oh well. I guess it's partly a process of elimination. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and concerns!

beauty incarnate

I got my hair cut recently. Good thing, too, because I could hardly see through it all!
It was always hanging in my face.

See? It's so much better now! (she even trimmed my beard!)

I can see! I can see!

I was a little tired when Massah took these pictures, if you couldn't tell.

I was tired of posing and just wanted to go to sleep but she kept snapping pictures... so I went to sleep sitting up....

Thursday, March 15, 2007

my story

I was born in a little town in Illinois, but I really don't remember much about that part of my life. My dog-mom was a powderpuff Crestie, and my dog-dad was hairless. I don't know how many brothers and sisters I had, but I do know that all we had was each other. Massah came and found me when I was six months old, and the first time I saw her I was SO HAPPY to get some attention! When she talked to Evil Lady who owned me, she found out that I and my brother were the last 2 dogs of the litter and that she couldn't get rid of us because no one wanted a weird little dog. Evil Lady kept us in a dark basement in a little cage. I had never seen the sun or grass or gone up steps or seen a car or anything else. When Massah first saw me I was covered in fleas, had lots of skin infections, was shaved so close that my skin was really irritated, smelled terrible because of my bad skin, and was the happiest dog she'd ever seen. This picture is from my first weekend home.

At first my sister hated me. She tried to eat me. Really. And I think she would have succeeded if I weren't in a crate with a wire door seperating us. I loved her right away, but it took her a while to warm up to me. I again want to say that I LOVE HER! I call her Mean Sister because she says mean things about me (she used to call me a naked, writhing, albino rodent) but I know deep down she cares about me too. I don't know if I would use the word "LOVE", but I'm working on that. She'll eventually get there. Here's me and my family, the first full day we were together.

I had some nifty clothes right from the start. :-) I was very white because I had never been in the sun (I'll get tan in the summer) and my face was shaved very close because Evil Lady wanted me to look like a "normal" dog I think. I didn't even have any of my freckles yet! You can see some scratches and skin irritations in this picture:

But now I'm much healthier, although we're still working on clearing up some of my skin issues. And I'm even happier! I'm happy all the time, about everything. I'm a little scared of people who smoke (Evil Lady did that) and older women (Evil Lady was old - like Cruella DeVille) but I warm up to them eventually. I'm very lucky to have Massah and Fig! I love them! And I love the rest of my family!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the park!

Since it was so warm, we went to the PARK last night! I've never been there before so Fig showed me around.

We did a lot of exploring! There was so much good poo to eat, but Massah didn't let me taste any of it. Sometimes she is mean.

Fig is fast! I tried to keep up with her.

We found a huge lake!

Fig told me she fell into it last year (it tricked her into thinking it was solid ground) so I was very careful.

But once I got used to it, it was pretty nice! I let the wind blow in my hair....

Fig and I made sure nothing happened out there that we didn't know about. We kept very good watch while Massah relaxed.

If this is what summer's going to be like, I'M GONNA LOVE IT!

Monday, March 12, 2007

weekend random-ness

I had a GREAT weekend! We went and visited Grammy, since we hadn't seen her in a very long time. The people played a game. (I don't know why the lady in back is angry....) For those interested, Massah is the one on the right.

And Massah-in-law was there too. I love her. Please note that she took this picture of herself and did not delete it from the camera, and therefore cannot complain about me posting it here.

I noticed all kinds of food up there on the table, so I spent a lot of time scrounging around looking for some droppings.... I didn't find many, for which Massah was happy, because of my "weak stomach." Poo!

Then everyone decided to hold me and Massah-in-law tried to eat me.

Occasinally she rather frightens me.

But I had fun because I got to spend time with Grammy and Mean Sister Fig wasn't allowed to come! I had her all to myself!

When she heard that evil, mean people said that I was a "NUISANCE ANIMAL" she was very concerned.

She is worried about me (and Massah's finances).

But I don't like to worry, so I checked out the game instead.

And look what I found - it's my name!!

Then I was tired so I went to sleep in Massah-in-law's armpit. I like doing that.
And I slept on Grammy's lap too.
Even though I may LOOK uncomfortable, I'm not. I'm saying, "Life can't get better than this."
When we got home, I immediately went into the closet and peed on Massah sweater, then went straight to bed with P.A. Massah wasn't very happy about the peeing-on-the-sweater part, but that's okay. She's already forgiven me.