Friday, August 31, 2007

The Conclusion: Part III

One more day of looking back on my first year with Massah! Unfortunately we have to start this edition out with a painful reminder of what happens when Massah whips out her scissors on unsuspecting little doggins....

The horridly humiliating mullet experience.

I'm still tring to grow it back out. *sigh* But I've also met some good friends over the past year - many though DWB, but also some in real life too! This is Motch's neighbor, Moose. He's a golden retriever, but he got a nasty hair cut too and doesn't really look like one. We bonded over our related misfortunes.

And we can't forget my beautiful cousin COCO!!!

I (hesitantly) explored new places - where I COULD NOT MAKE PEE-PEE, by the way.

And got dressed up for pawties!

And begged for food with Mean Sister Fig.

And took cute pictures with her!

What a life! And it's only my first year! Woot!

ALSO - Massah-in-Law found some pictures of me in a previous life, so if you want to see me WAAAAAAY back in time, check out her blog! I had quite the exciting past!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

one-year recap, continued

Okay - today we have more highlights from my first year (my anniversary is Saturday - yippee!) I don't know what Massah has planned, but I'm sure it's something SUPER EXCITING like 27 huge cakes all for ME and all the food I want ALL DAY LONG and millions of new toys! That's just my guess, though. She's probably going to go above and beyond my wildest dreams! But back to my life in the past year:

Fig and I went on lots of adventures together! This is a picture of the first time I ever went outside to a PARK! I had so much fun and I followed Fig everywhere and did whatever she did! A bit of fun trivia for you - this park is also where I made my FIRST big-boy pee pee! That's a special place....

I also found Ottoman during this time! I love my Ottoman! He's so perfect for curling up on!

Unfortunately Fig thought Ottoman was HERS, since she was in the house before I got there, so in the end Massah made us SHARE. I still don't think it's fair. She didn't think so either. Can you tell we're unhappy with the arrangement?

Around this time I found that if I sneak up to Fig while she's SLEEPING and curl up into a tiny ball, then sometimes I can TOUCH her!!! It's my favorite!!! She doesn't even realize I'm there!!!

We also perfected the art of BITEY-FACE in my first 5-6 months!!!!!

Woot! Look at us GO!

We get CRAZY!

And then Massah yells, "BREAK IT UP YOU TWO!" The mean old lady.

But we don't stop until she yells at us lots and lots of times. Because it's too much fun to stop the first time she asks. And then we have to look very remorseful so we don't get into TOO much trouble.

Oh how I love my Fig-Pen. *sigh* I try to copy everything she does. Even the way she lays in the sun.

Life can't get any better than this. Unless, of course, I get cake and ice cream and massive amounts of food on Saturday.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the letter T

ChaChi Lu tagged me for another game! I don't completely understand this one, but I'm giving it a shot. You take the first letter of your first name, and then answer the questions using only that letter. I don't think the answers need to be related to any specific topic, but if they are supposed to be, please forgive me. (Massah said this could be an interesting psychological experiment, the way I'm doing it, but whatever....)

What is your name? Tadpole Pomegranate
4 letter word: toot
Vehicle: Trail Blazer
TV Show: Traveler
City: Tremont
Boy Name: Taurean
Girl Name: Tessa
Alcoholic Drink: Tequila
Occupation: truck driver
Something you wear: top hat
Celebrity: T.I.
Food: tortellini
Something found in a bathroom: toilet paper!
Reason for being late: tummy issues
Cartoon Character: Tweety Bird
Something You Shout: TIME OUT, Fig; give me a break for a minute!
Also - Saturday is the One Year Anniversary of the Day I Found Massah!!! In the three days leading up to September 1st, I'm going to show you short snippets of my one-year! Here we have the first picture Massah (herself) ever took of me! I was wearing one of my Christmas sweaters!

This is another early picture; I learned pretty quickly how to look cute and get attention!

One thing Massah had to adjust to was having a BOY dog, which was a first for her. Not only did I have all my junk hanging all over the place, but she also had to see it all the time, since I don't have any hair! Coco and her mom gave me some shorts to wear to help her adjust.

It was soon after I got here that my pancreas started getting upset a lot. This picture was taken the first time it got really angry with me.

But with love and attention and help from Massah, it is now pretty much under control (Massah is knocking on wood right now) and I'm doing well! Woot!

Monday, August 27, 2007


I have been TAGGED! Twice! Asta Down Under tagged me first in the middle name game, so here we go! My middle name is Pomegrante:

P - playful
O - ornery
M - manly
E - enthusiastic
G - goofy
R - rockin'
A - annoying (that's from Fig)
N - neat-o
A - artistic
T - tuff
E - energetic

Woot! That was a LONG one! I'm going to tag Poppy, the little Pop-cicle for this game! And next Balboa tagged me to share about favorite FOODS! Yummy!

1 - carrots
2 - prescription food
3 - baby carrots
4 - prescription food
5 - carrots

Alas, that's all I can eat. But I LOVE my food and carrots! I will share Massah's favorites too, based on what she eats all the time:

1 - food from any restaurant with a drive-through attached
2 - tapioca pudding
3 - gummy bears
4 - sour patch kids
5 - extra-buttery popcorn

I'm going to tag Mr. Max Dex for the food game! And I'll close with a picture of me, just because. Here I am using my new banana as a blanket. It's so multi-purpose, I love it!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stanley's Gift - Part I

Blogger is being mean, so I'm splitting this into TWO parts... see below for Part II.

First of all, thanks for all the concern about my pancreas. It's been pretty well behaved and I haven't had any problems! I've been giving it Anger Management classes, so I think it's picking up on some of the self-control techniques - whew! Sam, you should try it! Also, I've found out that most of the things I've been helping myself to are Aunt Tweeks! That means they are millions of years old and already have scratches and dents, and therefore it takes everyone a long time to notice my handiwork! Woot! Thanks, Aunt Tweeks! Speaking of THANKS, a big Thank You goes out to Stanley! Look what came in the post yesterday!

From the Republic of Gooberstan, addressed to Tadpole Pomegranate! That's MEEE! I had to pose for the obligatory photo, but then I got to tear into it! Check it all out!

You'll never believe what I found first!!! My very own PINK FLAMINGO!!!

Unbelievable! Look at it in all its gloriousness!

And I got a letter from the personal paw of Stanley! The President of Gooberstan himself!

And what just might be my favorite - a magnet with Stanley himself on there!!! I put it on my jail because Stanley sent it to ME, and Massah cannot put it on the refrigerator because it is NOT hers, no matter how much she wants it.

And, of course, look who wants to steal my stuff. Mean Sister Fig pretends to play with the DEVIL CUZ Stanley sent her (how very appropriate...) but notice how she whips around and steals MY flamingo before I can stop her!

See below for the rest of the story....

Stanley's Gift - Part II

Even though Fig is so mean, Stanley still gave her some things (that's just how nice he is!). Here is her very own hat:

It says CRABBY BUT CUTE. I totally agree with the CRABBY part, but I'm still looking for the CUTE. But - he also gave us each our own banana!!! Fig got the skull and crossbones, to match her collar:

And look at mine! I got a red one, and it looks quite smashing, if I do say so myself! I've never had a banana before!

Massah found an alternative use for the banana, but we're not going to discuss it. I am NOT a widowed pauper living in mid-century Europe. No.

Although, I can use it like a toga if I ever get invited to Hercules' Toga Party!

There's so much other stuff, like frogs to replace Mr. Frog who went to stuffie heaven, a dumbbell to buff up for the lay-dees, and my very own tennis ball (yippee!!!) with a carrier! I can clip it on to my banana and take it to the dog park with me!

Everything is just fabulous, and I can't thank you enough, Stanley! Here I am lounging with all my stuff, enjoying everything:

Thank you again, Stanley - you're too, too kind!

HEY - that wasn't supposed to get on here! Why do you do that to me, Massah?! I was yawning!

By the way - WALLY! I haven't been able to view your blog since Thurday! Is anyone else having that problem?! I get a message saying Windows can't support it...?!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

hard at work

I have just been a busy little bee since moving to Motch's house! I want to show you all my handiwork! First up is my very first project - the corner of the kitchen island. Motch tried to color it in with markers so that no one would notice, but you can still see it!

Next is the seat of the settle. I like to saunter up and start gnawing away. It's like a never ending buffet of delicious wood! (Motch also colored this one in so you couldn't see it....)

I also worked hard on this chair! I was caught in the middle of it though, and now they won't let me finish. *sigh*

I tried to start sampling the computer desk, but they saw me immediately. They stopped me so early in the project that Motch was able to completely cover it up with her handy-dandy markers.

This is my most current job - the corner of the settle! Look at all that hard work!

I have more, but I cannot yet divulge the locations. They are still secret hiding places where I can eat to my heart's content. Somehow Massah doesn't appreciate me eating furniture at her mom's house, so I'm keeping mum on the rest for now.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

searchin' for me

I have some VERY exciting news about how someone found my blog! And some not-so-exciting ones too. I'll start with the latter.
Someone was looking for Cubs Holy Cow Shirt and a Cubs Holy Cow Jersey - here you go!

And one more for good measure. We LOVE the Cubbies! We don't so much love that Lou Piniella guy since he traded Michael Barrett away because Barrett was the best and Massah loved him and called him Care Bare and he was the best catcher ever and Lou didn't like him because he dared to venture an opinion that differed from Lou's and now they can't find a catcher as good as he was and it's sad. But we still love them.

Someone also searched for Naughty Coco Friend Lola and Lola Naughty Coco and I don't know why because my BFF Lola Sprout Beyonce isn't naughty even if her mom thinks she may be sometimes. Did everyone see that she is the poster child for her Camp? She's famous! And a DIVA! But not naughty!

And my cousin Coco isn't naughty either, although she likes to play with notatoys and that sometimes makes her mom mad.

Someone asked How Can I Tell If My Tadpole Is Sick? That's an easy one - we will look like this:

Oh no - MY TOES ARE HURTING!!! I know how you feel! My toes were hurting TOO! That mean old blanket trying to cut my toes off like that....

Sit on your person's lap like this until you feel better. That worked for me.

Awww... someone was looking for Smooch Pictures! Feast your eyes!

And now... for my most favorite one of all... Gorgeous Guys!!! YES! That would be MEEE!!!