Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my sister, my hero

Tomorrow is The Boy's birthday (the big 2-4!) but we're celebrating tonight. And by "celebrating" I mean everyone is eating delicious grilled meat, fresh fruit, and delectable cake EXCEPT US. But, ladies and gentleman, this is how to take advantage of the situation in front of you.

Impressed? Watch and learn....

Isn't she the best?! I was so amazed that I couldn't even join in; I just stood and observed her genious. Next time, though, I'm DIVING IN TOO!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

tadpole's pond

I have finally retrieved some of the pictures off the camera and finally got the computer, so I can finally share some of them with you! I will start with my pond, since that is a re-occuring theme in the Googley searches:

I like to go out there and let the wind blow in my hair sometimes.

There are interesting things in my pond, which I will show you later. However, there is also TERROR.

I KNOW!!! That is TADPOLE TERROR, I can tell ya! I can't even show you what it was... it was THAT scary. Many times I just sit back and enjoy from a distance.

stay tuned for more, less terrifying adventures!