Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday television

I have gotten some awards (yipee!) and I will get to them soon, but right now I'm kinda busy. We are getting ready to settle down for Monday Night Football and then Prison Break and then back to ESPN to catch up on what we missed of the Pixburg and Baltimore game while Michael and the gang look for Sylla.... It's gonna be a busy night.

I'm settling down on Massah's clean clothes fresh out of the dryer.

For some reason she won't let me sit on her chest while she's watch TV. Something about wanting to see something besides this:

Yes. I like to sit on people's chest and stare into their faces. So what?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

a post

I am here and I am okay! I have been visiting blogs when I've had the chance, but I haven't left comments because I don't get the computer for very long. And I obviously haven't updated my own blog. :-( Just wanted to check in and say that I miss you and I hope Tanner had a nice birthday and that Joey gets his hair back (I know what it's like to go without), and Peanut didn't eat that little dog because it's about my size and I wouldn't want to get eaten, and Lola isn't fighting with Penny, and Mack and Paris aren't drowndeded, and Pearl isn't in too much trouble for her fabulous stain, and my little Poppy doesn't injure herself trying to contort into Clover's positions, and Ruby doesn't get mobbed by all the C-A-Ts on her blog, and Stan and Pupi are doing okay without their blogging assistant (and I need to get a entry sent in), and Suki's still a cutie, and Wally's ape isn't stilll whoring around with the ASPCA dogs. And here I am almost a year ago.

I think I look the same, but apparently some of my clothes don't fit me anymore because I've grown. I say GOOD. A manly dog like me can always stand to gain a few pounds and lose a few shirts. Just look at the football fans that are on TV!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

so difficult...!

The lovely little Poppy Drop posted a while ago about the best places to kiss a dog. That was a thought-provoking conundrum for me, because MY favorite place to be kissed and my GIRL'S favorite place to kiss me are different. Let me illustrate. This is me favorite place for my girl to plant a big one on me, on the corner of my mouth:

However, she doesn't like to kiss me there because she says my breath smells!!! Can you believe it?!?! Jeesh! Just because I like to eat my poo shouldn't mean I miss out on kisses!!! But as a compromise, this is where she likes to give kisses:

So I don't know what to say. Is my favorite place where I'd LIKE TO get kisses, or where I DO GET kisses?

It's a hard question, no?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Taddy Wack!

I think it's been 17 million years since I've gotten on here! I've got a bunch of excuses, but I know you guys and gals don't want to hear them... you want to see me, right? WELL: I don't even have any pictures to share with you - that's how awful it's been at our house. BOOOOO. So here's an old one, taken before my beard was shaved off:

There has been nothing going on anyway, even if I had updated regularly. The most exciting thing was the bug bite I got on my naked little neck where I now have a very large scab because I keep scratching it. But here are some other pictures from the archives, for your viewing pleasure. Here's a close up of me:

And here's one of me in a fort I made on Massah-in-law's bed. I like to make forts, especially when it's cold. In this picture I had just woken up, that's why I look a little discombobulated.

And one last one. A kiss for you!