Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hold on....

My dogness - this weekend I spent a lot of time researching for my readers, and I found a lot of interesting stuff (including the fact that there are FISHES in my ponds but I am NOT ALLOWED to eat them!) but alas, our camera isn't working. So I have to ask you to hold on and keep your interest high as we try to figure things out....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

have a look-see

Mean Sister Fig was VERY naughty, but nobody is telling her how naughty she is because they are too excited about the fact that she is still ALIVE, apparently. Whatever. That's favortism if you ask me; I bet I would get in trouble anyway. And I was neglected during all that excitement too. I kept jumping up on Massah but she didn't even LOOK at me. BUT. Guess what?! OTHER people were looking for me! These are different ways people found my blog using Google and Yahoo and such:

"tadpole terror"
"tadpole pond care"
"peeing pond boy"
"tadpole food in outside pond"
"tadpole life"
"pond tadpole"

OMDOG! Those searches are all about ponds, and I have a pond in my backyard! And FOOD! I love food! And LIFE! I live a life every day! And peeing! I can do a REALLY good big-boy pee-pee by now! And terror! What is that?! My goodness - there is so much information I have to provide for my public.... I must start researching. By the end of the week I will have answers for all of these! Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

Ending note:
Now I know that Mean Sister Fig was sick and I was worried about her (to a limited extent... my brain is only so big) so don't worry - I was empathetic and compassionate. But it's still nice to know that people are searching the internets to find ME!