Monday, June 18, 2007

Coco, Moose, and the rest of the weekend

Well. Ahem. Apparently, I unwittingly forced Coco away from me. (Read about it in her words here in her journal.) I hadn't figured out how to tell her that I didn't like her, but I guess my masculinity was just too much for her to handle. And now she doesn't like me any more "That Way". Whew! Got out of that one pretty easily! We had a pretty fun time anyway, though! We don't have a lot of pictures because she didn't want to stay around me and Fig very much.... This is what she tried to do all the time - crawl on the back of the couches and chairs to escape our attentions.

I found hertaht time, though! Massah took a video of us trying to play with her. Ignore all the talking in the background.

We also went outside to play, but when we got out there I saw MOOSE!!! I love our neighbor Moose! He's so nice to me! I almost didn't recognize him though, because he got ALL HIS HAIR CUT OFF! He almost looks as bad as I did when Massah gave me a mullet!

We said hello, and I told him how much I look up to him.

He makes pee-pee on our bushes like a big dog - I told him I'm trying to learn how to make big boy pee-pee's too! He did it right there on that bush in front of me so that I could watch his technique.

After all that excitement, I had to lay down to rest. I chose Massah-in-law's lap so I could lick and lick and lick her. Up the nose is my specialty. Like this:

After Coco left and everything settled down, we were all tired! This is how we spend lazy Sunday afternoons at Motch's house. This video also features Sadie, Motch's Cocker Spaniel. I've talked about her before - she about 317 years old and can't hear or see anything, but she likes to follow me and Fig around sometimes.

We were too tired to even play our regular bitey-face games... that was our slow motion bitey-face. I'll leave you with one more picture from the weekend. This is Massah-in-law holding Coco while Moose checks her out and I smell his bum. What a great day!


wally said...

Pawesome! You are TOO MUCH OF A MAN for her! Haha! I like how everything moves slower at Motch's house. What a great weekend. I am jealous.


Toby said...

Hey Tad!~

Ok, in the first video where ur trying to attack (um, I meant play) with Coco, she's not looking too thrilled. Actually, the look on her face says, "HELP!!! GET ME AWAY FROM HIM!!"

I don't know why she's so scared though, it's Figs that wants to eat her. Um, I mean play.

Well, now that Coco has changed her mind about the whole relationship thingy with you , I guess ur a free man. You got off easy this time!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Tad.
We gave you some advices about how to handle that situation with Coco and you did it in your own way! In a very manly way of course! Now you can relax about that.
I laughed a lot with the video where you two are playing bitey-face and you sat on her!
I hope you had enjoyed your weekend!

Tofu Burger said...

Hey Taddy!

Pretty nice to be a single man again isn't it? No pressure, or nothing... just sit back and enjoy your freedom!


Sophie Brador said...

Tad, YOu look like a giant next to Coco. and I'm really sorry, but I think mean sister Fig is kinda cute.

MJ's doghouse said...

wow..tadpole..i think you and fig should have your own wrestling dvd out...i specially liked the part where you sat on her could have taken her down if you didnt get go BOY

Peanut said...

You totally had a great time. To cool and now at least Coco doesn't like you anymore

Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Taddy...
So glad you got the Coco situation figured out and you didn't need to use any of my least you have them if the need every arises again.

It looked a little overwhelming for Coco there in the video...actually all that lip-licking made it look like Fig was going to each her...hee, hee, hee!

And slow-mo bitey face...a new olympic sport!!!

Thanks for sharing all your fun adventures! Lots of Licks, Ruby

Ferndoggle said...

We read all about your fun day on CoCo's blog. Our weekend was SO Booooooring compared to yours.

Hey, that's OK if you & CoCo didn't hit it off. The right gal will come along one day!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Joe Stains said...

you did a good job of letting her down easy! I cant believe fig had to be locked inside when you guys were with Moose!

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Tads,
I like your slow motion bitey face with Fig..she seems to be enjoying it too! I mean she's like on her belly most of the time.
No more girl trouble with Coco....isn't freedom sweet?

Stanley said...


Amazing! You didn't have to break the news to Coco and you had a blast of a weekend.

Love your close up in the first video. I could see right up your nose. Speaking of noses, you should hire yourself out to clean them for the hoomans. You could make some serious cash doing something you love.

Your Goober buddy,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh Moose is so nice to show you all the big boy moves.

~ girl girl

ToFFee said...

wowf! great that you don't need all pressure with the "Coco" thing.

I like the bitey face. especially when you got surprised and went off the bed when Fig got up.

I think Fig likes coco.. I saw the video and her face registers "ummm.. delish.. slurps" look..


Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, Coco is a bit of a scaredy! Imagine if a big dog like me wanted to play!

I like the look of the lazy bitey face game and I loved your athletic leap onto the bed to play!

Oscar x

Tasha & Eva said...

Nice lick-in-the-nose for Massah-in-law! It looked like you were going to take her nose right off. Looks like you were very gentle with Coco but she was still a little scared of you. She'll just have to look for a boyfriend that is more her size. Looks like you had a very nice visit! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Ume said...

hey Tad,
u got out of the coco situation easy eh? n she seemed reali overwhelmed with the attention...

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Tad,

I guess you got yourself off the hook with Coco and Asta NYC and I got Jackson back, so we can all live happily ever after.

xxx Asta down under

PS: I hear Nurse Clarissa is available

Balboa said...

I love to lick my mommy up the nose too, sometimes I even get in her mouth when she's trying to talk.

YOu were just trying to be nice to Coco, oh well, you tried.

I'm glad that Fig and you had fun playing bitey face.