Thursday, April 3, 2008

oh boy

I am a VERY bad dog. That's what Massah keeps saying over and over and over and over. I'm not particularly perturbed by the situation, but I think that makes her even MORE mad at me. This is what I did tonight:

I'm not really concerned.

The Girl here. I have never been so angry and scared and shocked in my entire life. This little buggar BIT his sister tonight. Leah was making chicken and a tiny piece fell on the floor. She of course picked it up, but Tad came over to lick the spot. Fig wandered over to see what was going on, and he started in on her. After Leah seperated them (thank goodness she didn't get bit) I immediately put Fig in a time out because she is the one who is usually crabby and more "dangerous"... but when she came out of time out her eye was swollen! Turns out I didn't look her over well enough and there were two puncture wounds abover her eye and another scratch on the other side of the eye. These are pictures I took at the vet (on my phone, so they aren't the best quality):

The thing with Tad is that he has NO EARTHLY IDEA when you are mad at him - he's completely oblivious to any kind of emotion. So I can scold him till the cows come home, but he's totally clueless. And that makes me MAD because I feel like he's not "sorry" for what he did and would do it again in a heartbeat. And it also annoys me that dogs have, like... a 30 second attention span, so I can't continue to scold him. And I know I'm being ultimately irrational but the whole situation scared me to death. Right now they're fine; Tad was ridiculously excited to see Fig when we got back from the vet. He wants to lick her to death, as usual. Fig seems totally fine with him too; she's sleeping right now (after her dose of pain killer). I just don't know that to do. I guess I was hoping he was getting better with the food issue. I know he had a tough life before we found each other and he had to scrounge and fight for food (whenever it was occasionally tossed on the ground for him and his brother) and I understand that concept was ingrained in him for survival. I don't know how to help him with that! I feed him on a regular basis and at the same times every day, hoping he would "get the picture" that food will always be around for him now. I pet and touch him while he eats. I hold his food sometimes. I take it away and give it back. What else can I do? It's been a year and a half... how long does it take? Or will I always have to watch him like a hawk?

Sorry for the rant. If anyone has any insight or suggestions PLEASE feel free to share them! I'm a little stressed right now.


Peanut said...

It's a dog thing. The one thing Peanut and Flash fight over the most is food and we've had them both since puppies. Neither one of them ever had to worry about food. I can understand why you were scared. I would have been to. I'm glad though that you know that wanting him to be sorry is irrational since they just don't think that way. I have to watch them the most with treats. It's something I just do. I don't know that it will get better. Maybe someone else has better advice.
Flash wants to tell Tad that he wouldn't be concerned either :)

The mom :)

Ferndoggle said...

Uh Oh Tadpole...have I been sending you bad BFF mojo???? Mom says I'm being a total B*tch these days and she's watching me like a hawk. I bit a big hole in Sherman's neck last week and then we just got into our big giant fight and now I'm being mean to my Pgh BFF, Penny.

I've told her not to do this but Mom is gonna email Massah. I hope Massah & Massah in law don't do what my Mom has done b/c it's AWFUL.

Hang tough my BFF...and blame it all on your angry pancreas.


Joe Stains said...

Tanner and I sometimes get into fights like WOAH and Mom and Dad scream and rant and freak out and then we are fine again for like a whole 6 months. I think Tad will be fine, BUT I don't know if a face biter will make it to the white house.

Ruby Bleu said...

You're doing all the right things. I'm just glad Fig is ok.


Lorenza said...

Sure it was a scary moment! I hope Fig is doing well.
Lorenza is the only kid here so I have never had that problem. I am sure you will do what is best for them.
Have a good night
Lorenza's mom.

Louka said...

God, I hate dog fights. Lou's been in a few and damn, he looks scary when he's pissed. Personally, I don't think I'd ever trust him around food and another dog. It's a lot easier to make a dog give up his food/toys/etc. to a person than it is to make hi share with another dog, I've found. Lou will let me do anything to his food or toys. He does not, however, take kindly to when a dog tries the same thing.So yes, you may have to watch him all his life, over that. Whatever happens, make sure to praise and reward extravagantly any and all lack of reaction or positive attitudes that Tad has when Fig's around food. Teach him that it's a good thing when she's around his food and not flipping. I wouldn't go out of my way to put them in a situation that could go south, but whenever you see him relaxed when you're giving him a treat and she's nearby, or stuff like that, praise and reward.

Good luck,
Louka's mommy

Cassidy said...

Sorry you had such a scary experience, I'm glad Fig seems OK despite her war wounds.

I hope you can get some good advice from others as luckily for me, Harry & Cassidy are fine around food/each other with food and treats.

Take care,

Katy x

Anonymous said...

I have no idea of what to do in that situation since I have never had 2 dogs at once. Just so glad Fig will be okay please give her an extra smooch from all of us.
Nanny,Pearl & Opal

Two Wild and Crazy Guyz said...

Poor Fig, she is so lucky her eye wasn't hurt. I hate when my dogs fight. It's usually over a treat or a favorite toy and it just drives me nuts. They've never drawn blood, but have come pretty close! It's cool how they get over it though. We could all learn lessons about that from them!

Mack said...

Oh poor Figgy! I bet it looks a lot worse than it feels. (hopefully!)

Paris is just the same way. But she will pick a fight with little Lilly. Mom gets SOO mad and upset. She drew blood one time. It's always about food. Mom usually just seperates the two when she can't watch them.
Matter of fact, we had an episode like that last night. Lilly is getting where she will bite back. Mom was in the middle of it all and got bit! She's okay - she's just upset that the two alpha b***ches can't get along better!
Main thing is just don't blame yourself - we are part wolves still!

Deefor said...

Me and Arrow used to fight more. We're better now. I can understand fighting about chicken. But I forget about being mad in 3 seconds. Maybe Tad is like that too. So if I get scolded it's like-- I don't know what I did.


Gina's Public Diary said...

Poor Fig! Our older chihuahua Mandy has attacked our poodle Chloe (deceased) and our baby Tuffy so often but never left marks on them. Whichever dog came to the house first, ALWAYS feed them first. They are looked at as the alpha.

Amber-Mae said...

Oh my, poor Fig! Those puncture wounds look quite bad but I'm glad that Tad didn't bite her eyeball coz that would have been worst.

Amber tends to fight with other dogs no matter what breeds even the dangerous onces like Akitas (Japanese Fighting Dogs) & she even fought with a Great Dane which was 5 times her size! Ofcourse Amber lost over her & had puncture wounds under her ear & neck. But we NEVER punish Amber but punish the other dog becoz this is HER house & she is the alpha dog. Other dogs are NOT allowed to take Amber's things especially her tennis balls or even eat HER food in HER house. Her sisters ofcourse are okay to touch her stuff or even share food with her. Amber totally allows them becoz they are her sisters.

But I still get very upset that Amber behaves like that. I mean, she's a Golden Retriever. How can a Golden behave like that? I don't punish her but I do give her a warning. Sometimes I know when she's ready to fight with the other dog. She starts snarling & that's when I ask her to stop it before the big hoo haa starts.

But when Amber is in someone else's home, she knows her place & that she's the guest. She never acts aggressively or try to start fights with others becoz she knows she's not allowed to except in her own house.

I don't think I can help much with this situation but I just hope both Fig & Tad are okay.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

hershey said...

you know hershey and copper fight sometimes over toys. and i mean FIGHT! its scary! they don't fight over food, they will just growl a bit, but have then try and share a favorite toy. forget it! no one has gotten hurt but its really scary.

i have always wondered what tad's history was, you have alluded to to but i've always wanted to hear more.

(hershey's mom)

Lady Kaos said...

I've never had problems with Kaos, but my little dacshund has issues when it comes to food and I've had her since she was a puppy. I know my mother abused her when I wasn't around, but I don't think it had to do with food. When Kaos and Sasha are eating or there are rawhides out, Sasha snarls at Kaos to try to steal something from Kaos. She's never gone any further than growling and snarling thankfully and I think it's because she knows Kaos is way bigger than her. We have to keep a really close eye on them when there's food and and kind of treat out. I've never known what to do and I don't know what would happen if Sasha and Kaos got in a fight. I've been told it's just a natural response for dogs to be possesive about food, especially with other dogs around and I've never received any suggestions on what to do. I hope someone can give you some great advice. I know dogs that were abused and mistreated before they join a loving family are very special cases in lots of situations and I know it takes them a long time to get certain things out of their heads. Kaos is a perfect example. She was a military dog family and I know she was abused by the man because she was so terrified of men when we adopted her. Now, she's fine with men and some of her most favorite people are men, but if the man is wearing a dark uniform or if it's a black man, she is a totally different dog. We've had her for almost 3 years now and still somewhere in the back of her mind thinks dark uniforms and black men are very very bad.It scares me when she reacts to them and we have to talk her down when she reacts to one and then afterwards she knows she shouldn't do that and then she goes into guilt mode for about 3 hours. It makes me madder and madder at her old family.
Good luck!!

Suki Sumo said...

Suki has food aggression as well, but only around other dogs. I have NO idea where that came from as she has led the most charmed and spoiled life any dog has ever known. She beats up on her German Shorthair Pointer uncle all the time. I think with her it's mostly a display of dominance. (It's actually a little pathetic to watch a 15 lb dog take on - and conquer - one that weighs 50 lbs.) Good luck with Tad and Fig. The up-side is they got over it quickly, right?


Stanley said...

Oh, Massah!

Sorry about Tad's dark side. I know we all have them and it's scary when it comes out. I'm just glad that Fig is okay and that her sight wasn't compromised.

I wish I had some amazing insight to share, but I don't. If that's the only time he's like that, then it seems you're going to have to watch him. You could always try to desensitize him by giving him his baby carrots whenever Fig comes near him when he eats, but that takes at least 2 people, and it's no guarantee. Might be worth a shot though.

Stanley will sometimes snap at Stella if she tries to come up to his food dish while he's still eating. She's learned to wait until he walks away before she cleans up his bowl for him. Then he doesn't mind. Go figure.

Keep us posted on Fig's eye. And, don't blame yourself for ranting or feeling the way you do. Anytime dogs fight it's SCARY!

Goob love,

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Some people on the wire list use Italian Basket muzzles, they can eat with them on. But he wouldn't be able to attack.

Bussie Kissies

Moco said...

I have three dogs and Moco the smallest is the Alpha. The worst they have done is snarl at each other. Food doesn't seem to be much of an issue with them, but then they all get fed and treats at the same time. I have seen Moco snap at Edgar the cat when he has a treat on the floor because he takes more time to eat it. Edgar at least savors his food. It was a freak accident the Leah happened to drop the chicken on the floor. We are glad that Fig is OK. I think it gets back to the fact that they are dogs, no matter how much we feel they are human. Of course I would rather spend time with my dogs even on a bad day than most humans.
Let Tad know that the human pups drop lots of stuff on the floor and all the dogs are usually full by the time they go home.

The Brat Pack said...

Wow, Tad....of all the things we expect to read here this wasn't it! I had no idea you had it in ya.


PS Tucker said to give Fig a kiss for him. Not on the icky part of her eye though.

Anonymous said...


2shibas said...

Fievel has never been hungry or had to fend for herself in her entire life and she STILL does stuff like that w/ Wiley. I think it's just an instinctual's what wolves do to establish pack order. I'm assuming Tad wants to be the alpha male in your house? It sounds like you're doing everything right but I understand why you're scared. Maybe the vet or a trainer can give you some tips on how to get Tad to understand he's done something wrong. Have you tried immediately crating him after this stuff happens? Is there anything he hates that you could enforce afterward? Like putting him in the bathroom and closing the door for a few minutes? Ack! I wish I could help!

Hang in there & give Fig a kiss from us,
(Wiley & Fivel's mom)