Monday, August 13, 2007

About Me

Thank you for all the healing thoughts - Massah is feeling better. We slept ALL WEEKEND, and I think it was my constant weight on her chest that really got her up and going again. Anyway, Sparky tagged me a while ago to tell about my BREED! I don't particularly know a lot about my Crestie breed, like Sparky and Joey and Balboa knew about theirs, so I delegated this effort to Massah. This is what SHE came up with:

1) DO NOT OVERFEED this breed as it will become obese if given the chance.

2) They should wear a sweater in cold weather.

3) Bathe the hairless frequently and massage a little oil or cream into the skin to keep it supple.

4) They should NOT be given bones to chew as they often have an incomplete set of teeth.

NO NO NO!!! I will take over from here, Massah. Thank you for your time. That illness must have affected your brain. This is what I found:

1) These dogs are sweet, lively, cuddly, and playful. They are exceptionally loving, and love to give hugs and smile. That's much better. So true, that is.

2) They are an entertaining companion (I'm taking that as a compliment), intelligent and alert.

3) Chinese Crested Dogs crave constant companionship. This means Massah should stay home all day long every day to be with me.

4) They do well with regular sessions of play. I think that means hours and hours of non-stop action from the time she comes home to the time I fall asleep.

5) The stripper, Gypsy Rose Lee, used to breed these dogs. Wow - my history is almost as exciting at Balboa's and Bernard's Parisian past!

5) The ancient Aztecs used them as bedwarmers (as does Massah) and believe it or not, did eat them. Wait, wait wait WAIT a doggone minute! What kind of blasphemy is this?!

I'm just going to stop now. If you want to read more, I did a post a while back about Cresties that you can read here. All you really need to know is that we're one of the most manly breeds out there, next to Corgadors and RottiShepX's. And the most handsome.


Peanut said...

I am glad Massah is feeling better. Holy moly I can't believe Massah put up that stuff about not overfeeding and bathing you frequently. Plus I bet even without a complete set of teeth you could chew a little bone

Tofu Burger said...

Peek a boo... I see you! My ma is totally diggin' the slightly tossed bed-head you are sporting.


Ferndoggle said...

I'm so glad Massah is feelnig better! You're a great healer, Tad. are much, much MUCH more manly and handsome than any RottiShepX *I* know.

Too bad about the bones and the baths. But the massage sounds nice.


leah said...

how could they eat chinese cresteds?!?! there is no meat on your bones! AT ALL!

maybe you should stick with the not-overeating things... if you become morbidly obese someone might try to eat you.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Tad.
Its very nice to hear that Massah is feeling better.
Massah is enlisting the things that she knows are good for you and the ones that could have a bad effect on you!
You find the right things to describe yourself!
Those aztecs were mean!! I can't believe that!
Take care handsome friend

Asta said...

Hi must be one of the funnest cuddliest handsomest bweeds ever!!!my Mommi and I would fight over wheo gets to cuddle you mowe..and do you know how expensive bootiful bed wawmers are????
m glad you helped Massah get lots bettere, now she can give you all the attention you need..maybe she could stay home a few mowe days to wecupewate(play with you, I mean)
smoochie kisses

Toby said...

Glad to hear Massah is feeling much better. Yes, I'm sure your constant weight on her chest is what did it! Good job!!

Ah, just remembered that I need your expertise! I have a friend at the park called Racer. He is a American Hairless Terrier. My mom told Racer's mom about you (cuz Mom that Racer was a Chinese crested pooch too). Anyways, make a long story short, Racer's mom wants to know if you get a special type of sunscreen?? She can't seem to find a kind that's especially made for pooches.

Thanks so much in advance!~


Poppy said...

Tadpole, I looooove your comb-over doo! Very manly.


coco said...

well, all i know is cresteds remind me of palomino ponies and that's why i call you ponydogs. and you are(mannishly) nimble and delicate when you walk. and you are sweet as honey-drizzled sugar cubes.

i'm totally diggin that donald trump comb-over tad!!!

lick, lick, lick, coco

Lady Kaos said...

My Dad is feeling better, too. It's a big job for us when our family isn't feeling good isn't it?
I like your info better. you totally know more about your breed than she does because well, you are one and she's a human! How would she feel if you did the same about her? Everything she wrote could apply to her, too!

Frasypoo said...

Hi Tadpole,
We went back and read the previous post too and mommy fell off the chair laughing at the tampon to straighten the ear part!
Thanks for sharing,we were clueless about all those facts,very interesting...especiall the origins !
Glad Massah is feeling better,I bet it was her bed warmer!!

wally said...

So glad your massah is feeling better but she doesn't know anything about your breed. It's a good thing you're here to school us.


tcath1962 said...

Geez Tadpole. Their masters ate them. Hopefully you are safe. Glad your Massah is better.
Take care and watch your back, ha! ha!

Ozzie & Rocky

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Tad,
I am happy that Massah is feeling better now! :)I didn't know your hair was so really can carry off many different (manly of coursE) looks.

Joe Stains said...

if you were going to eat a dog wouldnt you pick one with a little more meat on its bones? ya know what I'm sayin?

Stanley said...


I love your come-over in the last photo! You should practice that now in case you ever go bald on top.

Glad Massah is better. I've had one of those sleep-all-weekend kind of weekends before. It's good for the body & soul.

I'm with Massah-in-law. There's no meat on your bones so how could anyone *think* of eating you?

About the cuddling... (and my girl is making me type this) if Massah is ever too busy or just not up to the task, my girl is first in line. Remember that - she's FIRST!

Goober love,

Amber-Mae said...

Oh Tadpole, thank you for sharing this info about your breed. I was a little worried when your Massah mentioned that you Chinese Cresteds should not be allowed to chew bones becoz of the teethies prob but luckily it's not true. Or is it?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

So informative-- dontcha just love our sordid pasts!! GLad to here Massah is feeling better. That could be the best hair photo I have seen ever!! It looks so natural--you are the next Brad Pitt : )

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Tadpole. I like your version of the definition of your breed much better. :)

~ Girl girl

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Taddy,
OMdOG...they ate cresties? That's wrong...just wrong. So glad Massah hasn't eaten you, but you better watch out!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Balboa & Mommy said...

WHOA, what a history!!!!!! Wow our breeds sure knew who to hang out with, hee hee

I'm glad you corrected Massah's information, she must still be a little sick.

Frenchie Snorts

The Airechicks said...

Whoa Tad:

Luvin' your TRUMP LOOK - you wear it better too.

We didn't know all that about you.
Didn't realize you can't have bones.

Yes, we can see your the perfect companion -

We think Massah should take you to work with her -