Thursday, September 13, 2007

awards and scares

I have so many things to get caught up on here! I'm working on the game Casper tagged me for, but in the meantime I got this from Poppy!

Isn't that awesome? She is such a sweet little chihuahuahuahuahua! And she has a name that makes me think of lots of nicknames for her, like Poppy Drop, Poppy-cicle, Poopy Poppy, Pop Pop, Stop Poppy and Roll, and lots of others! I want to pass this award on to Wiley and Fievel, if they haven't already gotten it from someone else! I can relate to Fievel (with a crabby older sibling) because I eat the green stuff off tennis balls too and it makes Mean Sister Fig mad at me.

ALSO, a few people have asked about when I will start me job. The short answer is: I don't know! Massah is still doing training (I hope she learns faster than I did in my training!) and so it will probaby be a couple weeks before I show up and start changing people's lives. Because I'm sure that's what I'll do - no one will be the same after meeting ME! Massah says no one's ear drums will be the same after meeting me, but she's just jealous. Not everyone can have such a healthy set of lungs like I do. Don't hate, Massah.

Anyway, I leave you today with a special presentation. This is actually a reality horror film that Massah-in-Law caught on tape as it happened. This is not a reinactment! Watch carefully as Big Dog, AKA Banjo, tries to kill me! First she sneaks up behind me as I try to go in the house, and then she attacks me when I get off the steps! She keeps lunging at me like she wants to eat me for dinner, and even rolls over ON HER BACK to put me off my guard before running behind me again and going in for a taste. I feared for me life! My tail is tucked WAAAY down between my legs I was so scared! I think she's a cannibal! I barely made it out of there alive! (note: this video is not for the faint of heart!)

Please don't be too terrified - it turns out okay. I escape by the skin of my teeth and safely make it back home. Big Dog is evil, and if you see her, please PLEASE be careful. She tries to disguise herself as Amber, but don't be fooled! Contance vigilance!


Ferndoggle said...

I LOVE your Blog too Tadpole & I LOVE YOU!! That Banjo is scawwwwy! Bad Massah-in-Law for not stepping in & saving you!

Good thing you have such a manly aura around you...Dogs know you will kick their A$$ if they mess with big tuff Tadpole!!

Poppy said...

Hi Taddy!! I'm glad you survived your encounter with the gigantor dog. You were very brave. And I like all your nicknames for me. You are just as creative as my mom and dad!


wally said...

Doooooood, you're brave. Whew. Though it looked like that dog surrendered to you. Smart, no one wants to tangle with a Tad.

And my ma ape thinks that she might need some Tad therapy. Do you do house calls?


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Tad,
Gee, he sure looks like Amber..only Amber is definately wayyy more bootiful.

You look terrified.....I am glad you escaped in one piece.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Tad.
You sure will change the life of many many people when they meet you!!
You were scared of that big Banjo but you also tried to bite her!! You are so brave!! Glad you are still in one piece!!!
Have a good night

Ruby Bleu said...

Wow Tad, if I didn't know any better I would think I was looking at a different were brave tho'. I don't think you have to worry about Banjo anymore!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Suki Sumo said...

Whoa man you were SO BRAVE! I am impressed by your ability to defend yourself in the face of the BIG dog. Now if you'll excuse me, I am teething and need to find a shoe or pizzle to chew on.

Stanley said...


Tadman! You so deserve that award!

About your video ~ you may have had your tail tucked, but you stood right up to that big old Amber impersonator! You held firm, you were manly!!

I also noticed that after she got up off of her back and got behind you, you still stood there with your booty pointing in her direction. Pawsonally, I think you *WANTED* her to sniff you or even go in for a little kiss!

Massah-in-Law didn't need to *rescue* you. You were EATIN' IT UP, man! I saw that twinkle in your eye! Thanks for the show!

Goober love,

leah said...

um, yeah. you are pathetic, tad. i was so excited about you meeting banjo and playing with her and having so much fun, then you turned into FIG! why wouldn't you just play with her?!?!?!

Max Dex said...

Hey cutie pie!
Me loving your blog lots!
You are one brave little doggie. Boy would I love to meet you. Can you teach me to be brave? I am scared of small dogs....

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I love your blog too Tadpole. Ah!!! Banjo is really scary there. I think I would be a goner if I'm the one ther. You sure are brave to get away fast Tadpole

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

Oh no no no, she looks NOTHING like me! Like Luckie said, I'm way much more gorgeous that her...hehehehe! She is soooo hyper & yeah. I think she wants to eat you coz you're soo small. You look like a boiled chicken. Maybe that's why she wanted to eat you. But I can see you trying to snap at her the moment she tried to come close to you. Usually I have no problem teaching these kind of dogs a lesson. I may be a soft girl but I can get real nasty if that doggie pushes to far...kekeke!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Whew, Tadpole, we were worried about you for a while there. Even though you said it all turned out okay, it seemed too close for comfort! Watch yourself around the Big Dog. The world needs you to make people's lives better ... if Massah would ever finish her training.

FleasGang said...

If your sister Fig wasn't so mean and grumpy, you'd realize that Banjo was doing what we call "playing". That is what you and other four legged critters (preferably doggies) do when they get together and chase each other. It's fun! You should try it next time :-)

You did stand tough though in the face of potential "danger".

The FleasGang

2shibas said...

OMG, Tad! We are *so* honored for the blogtastic award. We'll post a proper "Thank You" on our blog very soon. Thank you so much!

As far as this creepy video goes...holy crap! You can really hold your own! We are, like, majorly impressed.

Lady Kaos said...

Umm, sorry to say this Tad, but I didn't seem you in any danger. I do that all the time to my little sister and cat brother to try to get them to play. There must be a communication problem between big dogs and little dogs when it comes to asking each other to play.
Have a great weekend Tad! My mom wants to know if you do home visits, too. She needs LOTS of therapy.

Grammie said...

I am sure that you will change the lives of many criminals when you go to work or you will make them deaf.
I think Banjo was just trying to play with you and you took it OH so wrong. You looked very cranky and I thought that was Fig's job.
I also love your blog. If only I could figure out how to blog like you. Wishful thinking.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woooo Tad! You were very brave with the beast! You held your leg up as you were about to hoist up your sword, ha rooo!!!


Frasypoo said...

Hi Tadpole,
Its what my life will be starting next Friday when Aunty Jez moves in.
You are brave and did not put up with any c**p!!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Tadpole,

You have been nominated for Awesome Blog Award over at the DWB Bone Zone - head on over and cast your vote :-)


Asta said...

Silly Tad..that doggie was obviously taken by youw chawms and despewately twying to get you to play..but you wew vewy bwave considewing his size
smoochie kisses

Tasha & Eva said...

Tad, you truely deserve this award. We just love your blog! The video of you and Banjo is very cool. It looks like Banjo just wanted you to play with her. She didn't mean to scare you. Be brave and play! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Joe Stains said...

TAD that was TERRIFYING! I could barely watch!

Randi said...

OH MY, TADPOLE! You sure are brave to be put in a yard with that seemingly large furry beast! Glad you are OK!
Love & Licks,

Balboa & Mommy said...

Tad, I voted for you dude, I love your blog, in a manly kinda way, ya'know.

I don't know Tad, I think she might have a thing for you, she seemed to be flirting with you. She must have been swooned by all your manliness.

Frenchie Snorts

Colleen and Izzie said...

Hi Tadpole! Thanks for visiting my blog! I loved your video. It made me glad to see other doggies afraid of big dogs ;). Seriously, I'd have peed my pants (if mama put pants on me, which she doesn't!).


ToFFee said...

Hi Tad!

whew I thought you flew from the stairs!

big bad bully try to scare tad! better expose her in some kind of disguise.. good thing you're very brave.

any markings on her so we'll know it's not amber?